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Here is a quick list of what you need to pay attention to when hiring Orlando photographers:

1. A portfolio is very important! Make sure that you like the style of the photos displayed: either candid or posed. Can you see the emotions in the photographs? Are they done in the studio or on location? Some photographers have a very distinctive and recognizable style. Other Orlando photographers are more diverse. Also, the photographer portfolio should be recently updated. If the photos are outdated, that means that the photographer doesn’t care about showing their updated work, or that their best work could be years or months behind them.

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2. Give the photographer a call. Ask questions (a lot of questions!) about the following:

  1. their experience
  2. their credentials
  3. the location recommendations
  4. local makeup artists they use
  5. outfits/clothing recommendations
  6. the collections or packages offered.

A good photographer likes spending time on the phone or in-person with the clients to get to know them better.

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3. During the phone or in-person consultation make sure you like your Orlando photographer’s personality. You need to “click” and like the way the photographer carries herself in order to be comfortable in front of her camera. A cute foreign accent doesn’t hurt. 😉

4. Triple check the cost of the session. You shouldn’t hire a photographer only based on their price. Of course you can’t afford a $2000 photographer on a $250 budget, but if you want quality work which you’ll cherish forever, you can save up some money or ask for payment plans.

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Professional photography is an investment. Good investments aren’t cheap, so you should be 100% sure that the experience, education, recommendations and the portfolio is worth the price you are paying. After all, the photo memories created during the session will be priceless. So when you are ready to find the right Orlando photographer for yourself – keep these tips in mind. Our sessions always include hair and makeup artistry. We work with the best artists, here are some of them: Caroline Van Haastert, Evelisse Hahn, Val Mancini.

To book a session give me a call at 650.218.2417 or e-mail for the details to tamara@tamaraknight.com



Orlando Photographers

Tamara Knight Photography specializes in headshot photography, beauty photography and family photography in the greater Orlando area. Our Orlando photography studio guarantees that your beauty portraits will be timeless and glamorous. Included with our photography session is professional hair and makeup service, so you will look like you, only better! This Orlando photographer insists that headshots don’t have to be boring! If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, you have found the best headshot photographer in Orlando. Among the many Orlando Photographers, Tamara Knight consistently ranks among the best for family photography for her ability to capture the true essence and individuality of every family.

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