All the Pretty Ladies!

About 11 years ago when I told my husband that March 8th is an International Women’s day and all the men have to treat their ladies like princesses, give them gifts, flowers and cook for them, he said I made it all up. But no, I didn’t.. I had to Google it and show him the prove. Years later, he loves repeating my phrase from that first conversation: I pity the man who shows up at home without flowers and gifts on March 8th.

In preparation for this wonderful holiday I already have my March 8th planned. Oh it is going to be so wonderful hanging out with my girlfriends, getting pampered and coming back home to my hubby to see clean and fed children, a spotless house full of flowers and presents and my smiling family :-))))

To make this post complete I want to show some photos of some beautiful inside and out women. We all deserve to have beautiful photos of us, it is very important for any woman to know, that she is pretty. Every single woman is pretty, you just need to find a right person who can show it to you. A good photographer does it really well!

Mark March 8th on your calendars, it is international after all! 😉 And go have fun!

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