Beach Birthday Photoshoot- Greet the Day in the Lap of Nature

Beach Birthday Photoshoot – Greet the Day in the Lap of Nature


Is your birthday around the corner? Then you are probably wondering how to celebrate it. There is no wrong answer to this question. Someone might celebrate in an intimate family circle, someone might throw a grand party, and someone might want to become one with nature. If the idea of staying one-on-one with the world tickles your fancy, a beach birthday photoshoot is the answer! The whisper of waves, a gentle breeze, and unity with an indomitable yet beautiful ocean is an excellent gift for those in love with the wonders of Mother Nature.


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Priscilla’s Beach Birthday Photoshoot


As she stood on the threshold of her 37th birthday, Priscilla had no shadow of a doubt that she wanted to spend it by the ocean. The sun, sand, and the aquatic vastness are her element. The ocean always mesmerized her with its fickle nature – one minute it whispers lullingly and the next minute it unleashes its might. But no matter how calm or rowdy the ocean is, nobody can deny its enchantment. Feeling a connection with its waves, the earth, the sun, and the wind was Priscilla’s wish for her special day.

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Priscilla has lots of beach photos (and who doesn’t?) so her photoshoot had to be different. It is not every day that one gets to enjoy the first beams of the sun emerging beyond the horizon. Why not bask in these most gentle rays? The blue depths of the ocean and the hot rays inflamed by the heavenly body paint a breathtaking canvas and Priscilla’s cherished desire was to blend with this splendor. Only one thing was missing – an artist to capture this mesmerizing picture. I am honored that Priscilla chose me to become her modern-day artist!


Early Morning Preparations


Priscilla had to accomplish a small feat of getting up at 5 am to witness the sun casting golden hues across the sleepy sky. It was a super intense beginning of a new day. My charming model got her hair and make-up was done by 6 in the morning to catch the break of dawn in all her glory. Shout out to Evelisse, fantastic hair & makeup artist, and my long-time friend who made it possible. Priscilla chose a natural look for her photoshoot, and Evelisse put her heart and soul into highlighting her innate beauty.


We arrived on the beach at 7 am just in time to see the premiere of a new day. The cloudy sky lit by the first sunbeams created a whimsical backdrop for our beach birthday photoshoot. A light morning fog added a pinch of mystery to the picture. Curious seagulls and pelicans tried to brazenly intrude into the frame. The setting was created by nature itself and we couldn’t ask for more.


Now looking at Priscilla’s pictures, you’re probably admiring her femininity and beauty. And I admire her courage. This November in Florida turned out to be colder than we thought! The early hour and ocean breeze made this morning quite chilly. Nevertheless, neither the wee small hours nor the morning cold could stop her from getting picture-perfect portraits. While I and my daughter (thanks to her for being my awesome assistant!) were wrapped up in jackets, Priscilla flaunted a swimsuit like there was nothing special about it. While the thermometer never climbed above 60 degrees, this was no mean feat!


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Unity with Nature


Despite the small challenges, it was a truly immersive photography experience on a deserted beach. The light of dawn pouring through the clouds desperately tried to bring warmth to the chilly day. My brave model was patiently posing while biting-cold waves enveloped her body. No-fuss, no noise, just a bewitching woman and enchanting seascapes. Only the cries of marine feathered broke the serenity of this pacifying November morning. Later, Priscilla got to celebrate with her family, but here and now she was on a date with the great outdoors. A rendezvous with nature and its divine creations is a golden opportunity to clear the mind, recharge batteries, and get ready to seize the day.


Just as dawn marks the beginning of a new day, Priscilla’s birthday opens a new chapter in her life. I have no doubt that this chapter is going to be riddled with happiness and joyful moments.

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Make Your Dream of a Unique Birthday Photography Session Come True


Going to celebrate your upcoming birthday by the ocean? Why not let breathtaking photographs keep your fond memories alive? Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience or something you love doing every day, photos are able to preserve the flavor of your holiday for years to come. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of capturing your life’s most precious moments because they will never be the same again.


I know that you want to have a unique beach birthday photoshoot, and I am here to help make it happen. Don’t be afraid to ask me to get up early in the morning to see the crack of dawn or stay late to bask in the moonlight. I am all in if you’re planning an original birthday celebration and you need a professional photographer to capture its best moments. No matter what photography wishes you have, they are my command.


Everything about your birthday photoshoot must be perfect. Therefore, my team and I are pleased to offer packages that cover all your needs. They include not only my photo services but also hair styling and make-up courtesy of talented and creative Evelisse. Let us take care of everything and help you feel like a queen on your special day.



Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

Beach photography, flrodai beach photography, orlando photographer

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