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Busy Mom Photoshoot for Modern-Day Jills of all Trades


Modern moms are phenomenal. They know the secret art of balancing work and family life with ease. Sometimes, it seems like they are from a parallel universe with more than 24 hours in a day. Otherwise, I can’t explain how they keep up with everything! My kudos go to everyone living a double life of businesspeople from 9 to 5 and loving parents the rest of the time. If you’re a working mother looking for a new cool way to spend time with the family, do something joy-filled, and get lots of precious memories, welcome to the Busy Mom Photoshoot. Let me show you that family photography can be fun, easygoing, and painless.


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Renaissance Women of the Digital Era


Being a busy mom is a lifestyle of the new millennium. Modern women don’t want to be full-time mothers, they choose a more challenging yet more rewarding path. They juggle work and family commitments with a dexterity that could put the best jugglers to shame. Despite their busy schedules, they find time for their hobbies whether it is yoga, art class, or volunteering. Today’s moms are Renaissance women who know it all and can do pretty much everything.


Being a busy mom is a blessing and a curse. She reaches career heights unthinkable for women a few decades ago. Thousands speak of her, movers and shakers seek her advice, she is a role model for girls wishing to grow up strong and independent, just like her. At the same time, professional duties often get in the way of the family. Many mothers dream to have more time for their children, husbands, and joint activities. After all, family is the most valuable thing we have. It is a lifeline, a safe harbor giving protection from the stormy waters of reality. That is why every second spent with loved ones is the ultimate happiness.


Memories of our near and dear are stored in a large folder of our mind computers. We open this folder to relive the happiest moments. However, unlike actual computers, remembrances of the past may gradually disappear, fade or lose cute details. Memory is a wonderful invention of nature but not exactly reliable. If you don’t want to lose cherished reminiscences, you can’t rely only on your memory. Allow photos to capture the best moments of your life and the people who accompanied you on your life adventures. A busy mom photoshoot is a great way to create new exciting memories for working parents and their kids.


Meet Vyky and Her Family

family of five in formal dress casual pose


The real-life experience of multi-tasking women resonates with so many working mothers across the world. Vyky’s story, one of the most incredibly busy moms I know, could become an inspiration for all of us. I met Vyky five years ago when she, together with her husband Pablo, organized their first I am Brave conference to celebrate the role of women in modern society. Since then, I visit this conference every year either as a vendor or attendee.


Life has been pretty intense for Vyky and Pablo. Their brainchild is growing and becoming increasingly popular year after year. Meanwhile, their family underwent some exciting changes, too, expanding and welcoming new members to the world. It is amazing how Vyky balances her entrepreneur, conference, wife, and mother responsibilities while always looking a million dollars. Everyone who relates to the busy mom situation can learn a lot from this phenomenal woman. Life didn’t always treat her right but Vyky found the strength to throw off the suffocating bonds of the past relationship and build a strong family with a loving husband and three beautiful children.


Viky’s Busy Mom Photoshoot


So, Vyky had been dreaming of a family photoshoot for quite a long time but her busy schedule always got in the way of her plans. Finally, she got a window for the long-awaited occasion and the whole family gathered in my studio for exciting photos. Hands down, the busy mom photoshoot for Vyky, Pablo, and the children is an experience they won’t forget even many years later. In elegant evening wear and casual outfits alike, the family of five radiated harmony and warmth. Aside from exciting emotions, they got a ton of joint photos they can hang on the wall and share with kith and kin. Was it worth it to put work on a pause and have a whale of a time with the people who mean the world? Sure thing!


Hassle-Free Photo Sessions

family of 5 in formal pose on black background


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Many people think that photo sessions are not for them since they require too much effort and planning. Let me disagree. A busy mom photoshoot is a hassle-free, fun-imbued experience that may include as little preparation as possible. Spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment photos are often more precious than sessions you get ready for a year in advance. Well, some planning is still involved since you need to book your photographer. However, for everything else you can rely on professionals. Hair, makeup, dresses, locations – all this can become part of your photoshoot without taking valuable time out of your day.


You ask how? It’s simple. Tamara Knight photo studio is a friendly environment for busy mothers, their loved ones, and even family pets. My photo sessions come complete with makeup services so you don’t have to bother finding a good artist. If you want shooting to take place in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance, my Orlando photo studio is available at any time convenient for you. You like outdoors photos? Great, because I know lots of spots for stunning family portraits.


As a mother, wife, and businesswoman myself, I am aware of how hard it is to make time for family events. That is why my goal is to take the stress out of busy mom photoshoots. Make sure for yourself how easy they can be. Just spend a couple of hours in front of my camera and once in a lifetime experience is guaranteed!



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