Cancer Sucks. Annabella’s Story. {by Orlando Beauty Photographer}

Cancer Sucks. Annabella's Story. {by Orlando Beauty Photographer}

Pink October.  Annabella’s Story.  {by Orlando Beauty Photographer}

I got this email as a response to this post:

Hello Tamara, I have not had the pleasure to meet you, however a couple of years ago you took some family portraits of my dear friend (and can also say “sister”) Annabella Bastida.  The pictures took place when we were celebrating her daughter’s First Communion. Unfortunately on 7/19/2012 (my birthday) Annabella (she’s native from Venezuela) was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She asked me to go with her and her husband to the cancer center (as she wanted someone who understood English a little better) so I could translate between them and the doctors. I sat there taking notes when they confirmed the news and Annabella collapsed. I couldn’t control the tears, neither her husband. All we could do was hold each other and pray. After a couple of days,

 cancer sucks

Annabella started to call family and some other close friends. One of them, who works at ORMC referred her to MD Anderson center in downtown Orlando. Her battle began.   I created a Facebook page for her, asking for help with meals, picking up her kids from school, cleaning, etc. The outpour of support was amazing. A double mastectomy had to take place. Chemo started. Annabella lost all her hair, was sick all the time, yet she managed to be there for her children’s school activities and sports. After many months of treatment and tests Annabella is cancer free — However reconstructive surgery didn’t turn out as planned. She has had over 10 surgeries.  One of her breast implants is, to just say it simply, deformed. She refuses to have anymore surgeries to fix it because financially and emotionally she’s exhausted. She’s such a beautiful amazing human being Tamara.  My youngest son calls her “mama”. She cares so much about everyone but she has lost all confidence on herself. She has gain much unwanted weight due to her medication and has to have testing done every six months. I am attaching a beautiful picture you took of her and her family. I thank God He didn’t take her. She has done all this with her closest friends, husband, and her brother who even though he lives in Venezuela, he comes often to take care of her as he’s a doctor. His name is Juan. God bless you for even reading this and for creating awareness.

I would love for Annabella to win “More than fifty shades of pink”. She needs her spark back and to know that she’s as beautiful as she was before cancer took over her life.”

Please comment below so Annabella will have high chances of getting her session to celebrate her beauty and strength!


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