Cancer Sucks. Jann’s Story. {by Orlando Beauty Photographer}

Cancer Sucks. Jann's Story. {by Orlando Beauty Photographer} 2

Pink October.  Jann’s Story.  {by Orlando Beauty Photographer}

We got a new submission to the Pink Out October campaign:

A beautiful email about another amazing woman! The same as with the first story – I do know this brave and strong woman personally. And I had no idea what she had to go through. Please comment below for her to have a chance to win the complimentary session with Tamara Knight Photography.

Orlando photographer Pink October

‘I would like to submit a nomination for my mother …

You look at my mother and words like sassy, bling, sparkle come to mind for that is the energy and persona she presents.  What you don’t see and wouldn’t know is the journey that brought her to this point.  You don’t see the cancer story…the story that impacted every facet of her life.  Negative and positive impacts…life changing impacts.  I could write a book (literally) with her story but for said purposes I will try to keep it short.  At the age of 21, my mother lost her mother (age 43) to breast cancer.  It was three weeks before her wedding.  In 1990, my mother lost her sister (age 43) to breast cancer.  At the age of 38, my mother was diagnosed with a cancerous brain/sinus tumor and given a 50% chance of surviving the operation to remove it, never mind the 20% survival rate for the next 5 years. Facing those statistics along with the knowledge that no other female member of your family had lived past the age of 43 one could have lost hope.  She didn’t. At the age of 44, my mother faced another diagnosis and that one led to a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Once again the odds were against her but my mother is a fighter.  She likes to prove people wrong across every aspect of her life.  If she could do it once, she could do it again. My mother will turn 73 in January.  She is the first woman in her family to live past the age of 43.  She is the first woman in her family to live long enough to see grandchildren.  She has paved the way and continues to pave the way for those of us who are blessed to know her and know her “real” story.  From the outside, there are those who could view my mother’s life as easy based on “assumptions” but anyone who truly knows her knows that she has fought a battle (with many physical scars as proof) but she has never quit and her positive outlook on life is infectious!  I would love to nominate my mother for the “Feel and Look Good Beautiful Session” as these pictures would capture the essence of my mother and the battles she has won.  Thank you!’



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