Celebrate Your Love with a Creative Anniversary Photoshoot

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Celebrate Your Love Fancifully with a Creative Anniversary Photoshoot


Our life is a series of big events, birthdays, holidays, jubilees … you name it. Without exception, they all go hand in hand with gleeful anticipation and joyful sensations. But some momentous occasions are in a league of their own. They are so special that overlooking them would be a crime. Is an anniversary of your romantic relationship around the corner? Why not have a lavish celebration to mark the big day? Getting a photoshoot as a gift for yourself and your loved one is a great idea but having it in an original way is even better. A creative anniversary photoshoot will leave you with an ocean of fond memories that stay in your heart forever.


Laresa and Eddie’s Creative Anniversary Photoshoot


Laresa and Eddie cannot say that they celebrate their anniversaries with a bang. Normally, they give each other gifts, have dinner at a nice restaurant, and that is about it. But this time around things were supposed to be a little different because a 25th anniversary does not happen every year.


As a creative and bold couple, they did not want to go the usual route for anniversary shooting. Yes, pictures with holding hands, hugs, looks, and smiles are cute, but you cannot surprise anyone with them. Laresa and Eddie wanted to do things differently. This was a grand date for their relationship, and they had it in mind to let their creativity out. Leftfield outfits, hairdos you will not see every day, and the unique chemistry between the duo lie at the heart of their remarkable photosession.


The Mystery of Darkness


Instead of warm tones so beloved by couples around the world, Laresa and Eddie opted for a dark aesthetic. Surely enough, many people would say that black is something about darkness, cold, and fear – these are not the things associated with love. But for these lovers, darkness doesn’t equal bad. In their book, it brings comfort and intimacy. It fills you up with serenity before going to sleep. It sets the right mood. In the end, darkness is the best set for affection.


Drawing inspiration from this powerful color, the couple chose striking outfits. They went a long way towards embodying their extraordinary ideas. Not only bold attire, but also accessories, shoes, and props contributed to the scintillating atmosphere of their love fest.


The highlight of their original fashion choice was coordinated feather-frilled outfits and plumed accessories. Kind of a raven style. When staring at ravens, you are unlikely to think about love. For most people, these blackbirds represent dark magic, evil forces, and even bad omens. But what you probably do not know about ravens is that they are monogamous. They touchingly court their partners and remain faithful till the end. For Laresa and Eddie, this is not just a beautiful story. Having fallen in love in high school, they cannot imagine their lives without one another. So here you go, these unique looks for anniversary portraits are not only mesmerizing, but they also harbor profound symbolism.

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Rewarding Experience


Laresa and Eddie got to display their flight of fantasy during their creative anniversary photoshoot and so do yours truly. Offbeat sessions are always a golden opportunity to get those creative juices flowing. This one doubled as a great way to experiment with light, texture, and posing.


Every professional photographer will agree that the highest honor for our hard work is kind words coming from our clients. When these pictures strike the invisible chords of their soul, I know I got it right. That is the most precious part of my job. At the same time, receiving real awards is a double pleasure. I submitted one of Laresa and Eddie’s anniversary portraits to the International Photographic Competition by PPA and it got merited! Yay!


The creative thinking and careful preparation for the photo session paid off for Laresa and her husband as well. They liked their anniversary shots so much that they decided to order a painted portrait as well. Now they can proudly hang it in their family nest and made their guests gasp in admiration.

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Portraits Documenting Your Anniversaries


Love has no expiration date, but it has milestones – great and small ones – that show how far you have come. Each of these milestones is priceless. They are worthy of a special place in the chronicle of your life as a couple. And this chronicle needs illustrations – artistic, commanding attention, and evoking sweet memories even decades later. Anniversary photos are a happy opportunity to immortalize your feelings – digitally or on paper – and you just cannot miss it.


Show everyone around that your love is one of a kind with a creative anniversary photoshoot. Do not be afraid to choose unconventional outfits, put on crazy makeup, and bring your wildest ideas to life. If to be different is the unspoken motto of your couple, then being out-there with your photos is just what the doctor ordered. Never fear letting your individuality shine through.


Extraordinary photographs catch the eye, they leave the most vivid memories in everyone involved – you, your photographer, and every person you wish to share this moment with. Your anniversary is a special occasion and celebrating it in a special way will add a magic touch. And I will help document your big event every step of the way. Just like immortal love, your creative anniversary photographs will last a lifetime.


family photography, orlando photography, orlando family photographer, pet photographer

family photography, orlando photography, orlando family photographer, pet photographer

family photography, orlando photography, orlando family photographer, pet photographer


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