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Combined Photo Sessions for a Realtor and a High School Senior

Recently I was able to offer a combined photo session to rather lovely mom and daughter duo. They came to my photography studio together. However, they both were looking for photo shoots in very different styles. Good thing we had a consultation prior, so we had a perfect plan for the day of the combined photo session!

The Mom Victoria

I was initially approached by Victoria to photograph for her realtor business profile. She wanted photos that not only showcased her personality, but also showed her away from her professional life too. That said, she still wanted the images to have a professional feel to them too. After all, they were there to be shared with her potential clients and customers too.


A combined photo session for two beautiful ladies

I met with Victoria (and Jessica too) to discuss what they both wanted to happen during their photoshoot, as I do with every single one of my clients. This is usually arranged around two weeks before the photoshoot is booked.

This time will be used to go over the different types of images that they want and will also help to discuss outfit ideas too. I like to do this not only to make sure that I get to know each client before the photo session. But I also do this because it allows the client to really think about what they want. This means that they don’t have to worry about figuring it out on the day.

The Daughter Jessica

Jessica came along with her mom and wanted to have a photoshoot to celebrate her becoming a senior. Her senior photography session was designed to capture Jessica in all her natural beauty, commemorating her transition between the different levels of her school-life.


Her photoshoot was much more relaxed than her mom and we managed to perfectly photograph her wonderful personality and her fun vibrant nature too.

I love high school senior photography sessions!


I love organizing high school senior sessions. They are always great fun and are packed full of laughter and smiles. Something that always comes across in the end photos. Not only this, but being able to take photos of a girl (or a boy for that matter) as they go on their own journey ever closer to adulthood is amazing. Parents get to treasure a still moment in time, remembering how their child looked for an eternity, even as they have grown more and more.

girl-and-her-dog-sitting-on-the ground

If it wasn’t enough to be able capture these two amazing women in their own personal shoots, during our combined photo session. They also brought along their family pets. Which was their rather beautiful two dogs. I welcome pets into my studio any time and I love having them as a part of any photo shoots.


It was fantastic to be able to take photos of both women and their dogs. I loved being a part of something that felt special and I am sure it was to them too.

Why do we have combined photo sessions?

Thinking about booking a photoshoot with me? If this is true, then you are going to want to think about perhaps combining a photoshoot with someone in your family. This could be a child, a partner, or perhaps a friend.

It doesn’t matter if you both have your own personal goals and visions for your photoshoots, we can treat each session separately. This is despite the fact that they come as one session together.  This is why many people choose this particular option. They get to spend time together, but they still get the photos that they need.

It is time together

You can enjoy watching each other’s photo sessions and you can offer each other support and guidance during the session too. It is a chance to spend some time together, something that seems to be more than just a little bit difficult in our modern lives.

Another great thing about combined photo sessions is that you can buy them for someone else. You can surprise them for a birthday or a special occasion, before taking them along with you. They get a special treat and you still get the bonus of having your own photos taken too.

Why not get in touch with me and discus your photography needs? I can help to plan the ideal combined photo session for you. Leaving you with the perfect photos for whatever you need. Especially if you are a couple, a family, or perhaps a mother and daughter team. Looking for the perfect shots of you both!



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