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Couple Photoshoots: Tips to Get Your Partner Excited about a Photoshoot

He’s Just Not That Into … Photoshoots

Getting Beyond Your Significant Other’s Excuses for a Photoshoot


You want new photos. You need new photos.

You want to celebrate your relationship – an engagement, an anniversary, or maybe it’s just because.

If you have kids, of course, you love all of their tens of thousands of pictures (okay, I may be slightly exaggerating). But you’re ready for some beautiful family photos. Or, truth be told, maybe even some shots without the kids!

Sounds great! There’s just one problem – your boyfriend or husband is not very excited about the photoshoot.


A Tale of 1,000 Excuses

I know, I know. Trust me, I’ve heard all the excuses: He’s too busy. He thinks you have plenty of pictures. He thinks you should wait for a better time. Maybe he thinks it will just be a bore.

Or he’s remembering his stuffy school pictures from once upon a time (with highly questionable hair and outfit choices – handpicked by mom herself) – I mean, who wants to do that again?

Perhaps he’s thinking about sappy, over-the-top, clichéd pictures. You know them – the couples surrounded with hearts and flowers, all in force, ‘stare into each other’s eyes’ poses (enter eye-roll here). Whatever the excuse … he’s just not that into the photoshoot.

Tips to Getting Your Significant Other Onboard with a Photoshoot

Okay, Ladies – it’s time for a little work and a lot of creativity. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to get him there … willingly, of course (not tied up, with his mouth taped shut – that just won’t photo well).

Below are a few tips to help get him to your dream photoshoot … minus the rope and duct tape!






He’s Ready … What’s Next?

Your job is complete – you’ve gotten him there. Now, I will take care of the rest. And it will be everything you had hoped for. Like all good photographers should do, I make the whole experience fun for everyone. There’s even a good bet that no matter how reluctant he had been, no matter what excuse he had used, he will be the one asking if I got enough pictures at the end and saying what a great time he had!

Turns out … he is that into photoshoots!

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