Couple Photoshoots: Tips to Get Your Partner Excited about a Photoshoot

He’s Just Not That Into … Photoshoots

Getting Beyond Your Significant Other’s Excuses for a Photoshoot


You want new photos. You need new photos.

You want to celebrate your relationship – an engagement, an anniversary, or maybe it’s just because.

If you have kids, of course, you love all of their tens of thousands of pictures (okay, I may be slightly exaggerating). But you’re ready for some beautiful family photos. Or, truth be told, maybe even some shots without the kids!

Sounds great! There’s just one problem – your boyfriend or husband is not very excited about the photoshoot.

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A Tale of 1,000 Excuses

I know, I know. Trust me, I’ve heard all the excuses: He’s too busy. He thinks you have plenty of pictures. He thinks you should wait for a better time. Maybe he thinks it will just be a bore.

Or he’s remembering his stuffy school pictures from once upon a time (with highly questionable hair and outfit choices – handpicked by mom herself) – I mean, who wants to do that again?

Perhaps he’s thinking about sappy, over-the-top, clichéd pictures. You know them – the couples surrounded with hearts and flowers, all in force, ‘stare into each other’s eyes’ poses (enter eye-roll here). Whatever the excuse … he’s just not that into the photoshoot.

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Tips to Getting Your Significant Other Onboard with a Photoshoot

Okay, Ladies – it’s time for a little work and a lot of creativity. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to get him there … willingly, of course (not tied up, with his mouth taped shut – that just won’t photo well).

Below are a few tips to help get him to your dream photoshoot … minus the rope and duct tape!

  • Have a heart to heart. Tell him how much this means to you. You want to cherish your time together through these photos. No yelling and no threatening allowed (that will only backfire) – just heartfelt, sincere feelings of why this is so important. Most men really do want to make their significant others happy. Remind him that this will do it!


  • Flip through some of your favorite photo albums. Chat about the memories and how much fun you’ve had together. Tell him how happy you are that you have them to remember all of your great times. Offer a gentle reminder that photos are far more than the prints themselves.


  • Now, if tugging at the heartstrings didn’t work, bribery is always a good back-up plan. Nothing illegal, of course – okay, let’s call it to compromise instead! You simply agree to do something he’s been asking you to do – going to a work event, going fishing – whatever it is that’s important to him. After all, relationships are all about compromise, right?


  • Sweeten the pot. Entice him with a cooler of adult beverages to enjoy during the shoot or a nice dinner out after (you’ll already be dressed to take on the town). Or maybe agree to include something he loves in the pictures – tossing a football with the kids, doing the shoot on a golf course. You get the idea. Think less perfection and more play. Often, some of the most “perfect” shots are totally unplanned.


  • Get him involved. Now, I say this with a caveat. This could backfire, so proceed with caution! Talk to him about the shoot, show him options, have him involved in the decisions. This should get him more excited about it. But, if “lack of time” is his chosen excuse, it could strengthen his argument. Again, beware of the flashing yellow warning lights!


He’s Ready … What’s Next?

Your job is complete – you’ve gotten him there. Now, I will take care of the rest. And it will be everything you had hoped for. Like all good photographers should do, I make the whole experience fun for everyone. There’s even a good bet that no matter how reluctant he had been, no matter what excuse he had used, he will be the one asking if I got enough pictures at the end and saying what a great time he had!

Turns out … he is that into photoshoots!

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family photography, orlando photography, orlando family photographer, pet photographer

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