Covid-19 Silver Lining: How Global Pandemic Affects Us

old family photograph

Covid-19 Silver Lining

2020 started with a huge shock caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Our well-ordered life and of all our plans went down the drain in a heartbeat because of the deadly virus. Those who are alive and well have to hide behind the walls of domestic prisons and avoid social contacts. However, even times of hardship have their upsides. Thanks to Coronavirus, we started appreciating things and people we had been taking for granted. It helped put a spotlight on what is truly important to us. So what is COVID-19 silver lining that can transform our lives for the better?


Appreciate Your Loved Ones


Because of Coronavirus quarantine, we’re all in the same boat. Confined in our houses and cut off from society, we can’t do what we are used to. Shopping is banned. Travelling is forbidden. Even meeting up with our friends or dropping by for a cup of coffee to parents is a huge problem. My sister lives just 10 minutes away from me but we can’t see each other in person due to social distancing. Thanks goodness we have modern technologies that help us communicate no matter the distance, quarantine, or self-isolation. My Mom who still lives in Russia and I talk on the phone every day (before it was once a week if that). I love this.


Don’t forget about your family and friends in these hard days. They need our support and reassurance that everything is going to be alright. And the support they give to us is the most valuable thing for the time being. Hearing their voice is precious. Actually, you can both hear and see them. FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, they all have video calls, so why not use them to talk to your nearest and dearest face to face? You can even virtually gather your entire family and arrange a multi-user conference on Zoom. That would be a nice substitute for actual get-togethers we all are missing so much these days.


Although Coronavirus is one of the biggest tragedies of the 21 century, it taught me one valuable lesson – we must appreciate our loved ones. Human life is fragile and no one knows how much time we have on this earth. So why don’t we spend it with those who matter the most? If you harbored a grudge against a dear person, when is the best time to leave all the discords behind if not now? Call your loved ones, talk to them, find out how they are doing … Coronavirus gave us a wonderful opportunity to strengthen family ties and even rebuild the bridges we once burned, so why not seize it?


Spend More Time with Your Family


If your family lives with you, you’re so lucky. COVID-19 silver lining is that we have more time to spend with our spouses and children. How many times did you have to skip family events because you were too busy or too tired? Now that most of us are trapped inside, nothing can stop us from being around our ménage. There are some things that are currently off the table (well, you can’t take your youngest on a long-promised trip to Disneyworld) but you don’t have to go outside for fun activities. There are lots of interesting things you can do at home.


You can start your own reading club (I belong to one and we are having our next meeting via Zoom!). Or teach your kids to cook, knit, paint, rebuild your car’s engine or whatever seems cool to do together. Or even talk the night away with your kids and partner about the past and make some nice plans for the future. Sometimes, we start forgetting that communication is the key to a strong relationship. Well, now you can catch up on everything that is going on with their lives. As a blessing in disguise, Coronavirus might help us get to know our loved ones a little bit better.


Learn More About One Another


Let them know something exciting about you, too. Perhaps, your kids or partner have never seen you as a teen or even younger. They are used to you as you’re now but why don’t you show them a different version of you? I bet you have an old photo album crammed with pictures taken decades ago that nobody even knows about. It would be so great to share your memories with your kids and show them that you were the same at their age.


If you have teens you probably know that they are never happy about their look. Well, your pictures can prove to them that they are not alone. You surely have many snaps immortalized you with a crazy haircut, weird makeup, and quirky outfits. You probably hated them back then but as time passed by, they became witnesses of your evolution. So don’t be ashamed to show them to your kids and have some laugh together. Perhaps, this will make them understand that you have more in common with you than they though.


Get to Know Your Ancestors


Old pictures will also help them know more about your lineage. Like time machines, they are able to take them back in time when their grandparents were young and their great grandparents were still here. And if you have photos of older generations, it will be great to look at them together and delve into family history.


When it comes to me, I enjoy leafing through old family photos every once in a while. Unfortunately, my father died when I was one and a half and I do not have a single photograph with him or my whole family. All I have is a picture of me, my sister, our dad, and grandparents. Mom was taking the picture, I assume. Nevertheless, I fondly love it as a memory of my family and I want my children to know about my roots. If you also have similar photo memories, don’t hide them from your loved ones. A bit of nostalgia is beautiful. My kids and us look through our family albums often. I tell them stories. I am glad I invested my energy into booking photo shoots for my own family, so my kids will will end up with plenty of photo memories.

old family photograph


What is Your COVID-19 Silver Lining?


Storms don’t last forever. Sooner or later (hopefully, sooner), we’ll leave Coronavirus behind. But the thing the virus will leave with us is the understanding that nothing can be more important than our friends and family. If it helps us change our lives for the better, then not everything was in vain. This is the Covid-19 silver lining for me. And did you get to find any upside in Coronavirus?

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