Creative Orlando Senior Shoot – Experience You Won’t Forget

girl dark feathers mask

Creative Orlando Senior Shoot – Experience You Won’t Forget


Kids grow up so fast. Just yesterday you witnessed their first steps and today, they are ready to leave the nest. Parents are so proud to see their kids turning all grown-up and poised to conquer the world. At the same time, knowing that they are going to fly on their own blends a bittersweet taste into your feelings. Yeah, it’s awesome that they can find their path in life but watching them leave home is a poignant story. Wouldn’t you want to preserve as many memories of your kids-turn-adults as possible before they set off for college? If your answer is ‘yes’ then a creative Orlando senior shoot is just what your squad needs. Designed for teens and their parents, it’s a smile-inducing experience that will further reinforce your family bond and provide a lot of photo keepsakes into the bargain.


Meet Madison and Her Family


This is a special year in Madison’s life, the year when she graduated from high school and is about to take on the world. Her parents, Erin and Daniel, wanted to celebrate the start of the exciting journey she is ready to embark on with an artistic photoshoot. I was happy when they called and asked me to be a photographer for Madison.

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I met with Erin and Daniel a few months ago when they visited my Orlando photo studio to get headshots for their youngest daughter, Kira. As a child actor who plays in a local theater, she wanted to update her portfolio with some fine professional photographs. I am always glad to see talented and rapt people in my studio, young and adult. So, Kira and I had had a ball while working on her photos, and it was time for her older sister to give her best shot at modeling for her pictures. Spoiler alert: she did great!


Unleash Your Creativity


Madison didn’t want just a standard graduation photo in a cap and gown. No, she envisioned her photographs to be artistic, original, and fresh. Graduation isn’t only a farewell to school but also the beginning of a new life, and she wanted to emphasize this transition from a teen to an adult.


So the idea behind Madison’s creative Orlando senior shoot was to imagine how her adult life would be. There are so many paths that lie in front of her, which one will she take? What kind of person will appear before us as time shapes her personality? Will she remain her lovely self or is she hiding a new person behind the mask? The mystery of the possibilities lying in wait for her is compelling and exciting, and she isn’t scared to find out what the future holds.

girl dark feathers mask

Whereas she is destined for the bright future (I am 100% positive about it), we decided to convey the mystery of the unknown through dark colors. After all, they are stylish and daring, and they go well with Madison’s adult-to-be image. There is something fascinating in these pictures, something that screams the Golden Age of Hollywood. Indeed, Madison looks just like a Hollywood starlet ready to take her first role in a movie. I guess Kira isn’t the only actress in this family 🙂


Family Steps into the Picture


Any celebration is always better when you’re surrounded by the ones you love. Madison also wanted to share her special moment with the closest people. Her parents, sisters, and even their gorgeous German Sheppard joined the photoshoot to partake in the fun and take home a few lovely family portraits.

family with dog

The girls truly enjoyed posing and modeling for my camera and the family pet never stopped wagging her? tail. Fun and enjoyment are the keys to candid and sincere photographs. Only when you like what you do, you have someone to share the blast with, and you can let your hair down, your pictures become masterpieces. Isn’t it cool that we can bottle the fondest moments with our family through the art of photography?


So, if you have it in mind to go to a creative Orlando senior shoot, consider taking your family with you. You’ll have plenty of time to be the star of your shoot and convert your creative ideas into mind-blowing photographs. And when you check this box, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to be with your parents, siblings, and friends. The memories you can create together are priceless because they warm the heart when you’re cold and give the strength when you’re weak. The time you spend with your family will go down in the chronicle of your life, and it’s in your hands to adorn these chapters with bright illustrations.


Creative Orlando Senior Shoot by Tamara Knight


Whether you’re a teen wishing to unleash your creativity through artistic photographs, or want to capture precious moments with your family in an original way, you can’t do without a professional photographer. A photographer isn’t just a person with a camera; it is a person who captures the best in you, your features and sides you’ve never noticed before. Seeing yourself from a new perspective might be a revelation of your beauty inside and out.


As a professional photographer in Orlando, my goal is to show teens how unique and entrancing they are. I always encourage my young subjects to express themselves in the way they want because the best photograph is always natural. In my studio, you can forget about forced poses and fake smiles. I want you to relax and be yourself – unstoppable, bold, and creative. And I will make sure you get photos you can be proud of.


So, if you want to showcase your individuality through vibrant, fresh, and modern photographs, don’t hesitate to call me. If you need help with choosing a cool concept for your photosession, you can always count on my experience vision.  Tamara Knight’s photo studio is where your boldest dreams come true.


If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, check out the rest of my website, and feel free to contact me!

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