Destination Orlando: Traveling to the Maternity Photographer of Her Dreams

maternity-photographer-mom-daughters | Tamara Knight Photography

This amazingly beautiful family has just blown through our studio and they have left this maternity photographer with some hard to forget images. They are living all over the world thanks to Rudolfo’s job as a soccer player!

Coming from Brazil, he is currently playing for a team in Russia. The family live there with him and travel wherever the schedule goes! Fortunately for us, they are here in Orlando for some time this summer.


They had a very good reason to come in the Tamara Knight Photography studios -baby #3!!


maternity-photographer-family-sitting | Tamara Knight Photography




maternity-photographer-mom-belly | Tamara Knight Photography


maternity-photographer-dad | Tamara Knight Photography


What Makes this a Dream Family for a Maternity Photographer?

Lots of girls, lots of curls, an adoring Dad and a sensational color palette! It’s easy to see why we had such a good time in the studio with this family!


maternity-photographer-laughing-sisters | Tamara Knight Photography


maternity-photographer-dad-daughters | Tamara Knight Photography


You can see just how much he loves her and all of his girls!

There was a moment in the studio when I thought we needed to give them privacy. The loving way he looked at her made us all blush!


maternity-photographer-couple-looking-down | Tamara Knight Photography


maternity-photographer-couple-gazing-at-belly | Tamara Knight Photography


The connection between these two is undeniable and understandable!!!


maternity-photographer-sexy-couple | Tamara Knight Photography maternity-photographer-sexy-momma | Tamara Knight Photography






maternity-photographer-couple | Tamara Knight Photography


Carolina found Tamara Knight Photography online. She knew she found the right maternity photographer and wanted to capture this fleeting time in her family’s life. The studio is close to Orlando, where they often visit for extended periods of time.


Carolina was able to get her family in the studio at the perfect time during her 3rd pregnancy this June.


maternity-photographer-mom-daughters | Tamara Knight Photography


Destination | Maternity Photographer: Making Your Photoshoot Dreams Come True 

There are a couple things you can do to have a great destination photoshoot.


Number 1: RESEARCH!!

Like weddings, there is only one shot at the perfect maternity photoshoot! Make sure that you have covered all your bases when checking out the maternity photographer for you!


  • Are you in to the current trendy themes?
  • Or would you prefer something more timeless and classic?


This article has some great tips on getting the best out of your experience with research. The subject of the article is wedding photography. But the tips apply to this once in a lifetime moment too!


Carolina loved the timeless quality of Tamara’s work and wanted to make sure to capture her femininity. She was inspired by Demi Moore’s photo shoot from years ago. We discussed how this moment changed maternity photography in this blog post!


Make sure the destination maternity photographer you select is able to conduct business long distance. What if you are already out of town before your entire experience is wrapped up?  You will want to make sure you can connect via Skype, or FaceTime at least!


maternity-photographer-glamorous-mom | Tamara Knight Photography


Number 2: Photographer Availability

Does your photographer offer a consultation? Something online will work, but bonus points if she comes to you in person!


Tamara Knight Photography does offer an in-home consultation in the Greater Orlando area.  Your ultimate satisfaction and the success of the shoot depends on this meeting!


What will happen on session day will be talked about among these other things:


  • → the clothes you will wear
  • → what feeling you want to convey in each image
  • → how and when you will view images from the session
  • → your desired product with the finished images


Thankfully this beautiful family was on an extended stay and she is a quick decision maker. They were able to go from consultation to product delivery in under a month! The staff at Tamara Knight Photography wish them luck on the arrival of their newest baby. We hope to continue capturing the joy in their beautiful faces for years to come.



maternity-photographer-family-dark-clothes | Tamara Knight Photography



Professional hair and makeup is always included in the Tamara Knight Photography experience!

The fantastic Caroline Van Haastert [@makeupbycarolinevh] was the artist at this session.

See Caroline’s Portfolio here


Are you in the middle of a special but fleeting time of your life?


A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.


To book your session please call 650.218.2417 or e-mail

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