Family Loving Photoshoot – Celebrate a New Chapter in Your Life

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Loving Photoshoot – Celebrate a New Chapter in Your Life


In my book, the best way to start a new chapter in your life is to plunge into activities that bring you pleasure. New adventures are a godsend to put your heart at ease. If you’re looking for a starting point of your journey to reinventing yourself, why not give a divorce photoshoot a chance? It is fun, exciting, and inspirational – just what you need right now.

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Family Loving Photosession


Tracy’s daughters loved this idea- of a wonderful, loving photoshoot! What young lady would refuse to get her hair and make-up done, put on a nice outfit, and pose for a camera just like a fashion model? No sooner said than done, and shortly a small three-person squad showed up at my door.


The ladies did not want to do a regular family photosession when everybody has their best dress and tries to look nice. Instead, they decided to showcase the image of a strong and independent woman, all of them. Dressed in leather, having an almost provocative dress length, and opting for all-black, the trio looked stunning.

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Now look at Tracy, you can clearly see that this amazing woman is radiating energy and positivity. She opened new horizons and allowed herself to boldly explore new avenues of her personal happiness. But she could never feel chirpy without the support of her children. Seeing them growing up as strong and badass as their mother is priceless for Tracy.

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Surf the Wave of Opportunity


Speaking of new opportunities, she found more time and determination to try new things. One of the most thrilling experiences in her life was surfing. When you live near the ocean you just cannot overlook a chance to conquer the waves and feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. But Tracy is the kind of person who always puts her family before herself and gives little time to indulge her own wishes. For this instance, she decided to put her first, for a change, and do something that she was longing for.


At first, the idea of surfing the ocean seemed scary and unbecoming for her age. Luckily, soon she realized that age is only a number, and if she felt young at heart, then everything was possible. She jumped at the chance to learn how to surf at Cocoa Beach and she never regretted it. Thanks to her readiness to accept new challenges, she was able to stand up on her very first surf session. Impressive, isn’t it?


This lesson made her understand that life is packed with adventures and exciting moments, she just needs to let herself enjoy them.

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Tracy’s Intriguing Loving Family Photoshoot


Going back to Tracy’s photoshoot, she dared to do something she could never imagine doing. This new version of Tracy is not afraid of anything, even such a risqué venture as a boudoir photosession.


As a photographer who walked so many women through boudoir shoots, I can confidently say that they are the best means to boost self-esteem.  Boudoir is a kind of reminder that you are a seductive and delightful woman. It helps fan the spark of your sexuality and revive your confidence from the ashes.


Having devoted so many years to work, family, daughters, she started to forget to live for herself. But now everything is going to be different. Her daughters will always come first, but at that very moment, it was her time to shine.

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A boudoir photo session is about liberation, finding a new perspective, and loving yourself. And only then it is about sexuality. There is nothing wrong with being hot stuff. After all, sensuality is part of our nature and we should nourish it. Be that as it may, Tracy was thrilled to see herself seductive and daring in these pictures, and she can’t wait for another sensual photoshoot. That’s the attitude!


Celebrate Your Life 


The greatest thing about this photo experience is that you can have it in so many fun ways. Just like Tracy, you may invite your family to thank everyone for being there for you. Or maybe you venture out to be a model for a hot boudoir session to rediscover your mojo. Whatever idea crosses your mind, you will love to be a part of it. And I, your professional Orlando photographer, guarantee that you won’t leave your divorce photoshoot without a big smile on your face.


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