My New Beginnigs (So Far)

In a couple of weeks since I started to slow down, my life did change. Can’t say it changed drastically yet, since I still have a lot of work, booked shoots, meeting with the clients never ending editing etc.

But I did have time to:

  • finish up my personal photo project
  • go shopping with my Mom and sister
  • went to a spa (first time, if you don’t count cruises and vacations!)
  • had a beautiful date with my husband, to celebrate our 13 years since out first date 🙂
  • had time to read a little…
  • saw my little girl in a concert and her performance as a Greek Goddess Athena!
  • And last, but not least: I started to work out again! Thanks to my Russian girls, who talked about Insanity Workout videos in our conversation during that spa visit I mentioned earlier… 🙂 Oh my… it is pretty insane!!! I think everyone who sees me working out (my Mom, hubby and the cat) sweat just from looking at me!!! It is day 6 of 60 days plan. I am planning on being very consistent! I can do it! Yes I can. I even did my very first cellphone self-photo ever to keep the progress documented… It’s too scary to post it now, maybe at the end of 60 days I’ll post before and after 😛 But here is a red face for you to enjoy 😛

after the workout

So many new things are waiting for me to be discovered and enjoyed in the next couple of months!!

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