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Why do you need to have photo memories? By Your Orlando Photographer.

I am lucky. I grew up looking at the beautiful portrait of my Mom and my Dad on the wall. Nice, large portraits done is the best photo studio in Kislovodsk. We would remodel the apartment, move the furniture around, put the new wall paper up (wall paper was the thing to have in former USSR!) but the photos always stayed. We grew up, now have own families, but those beautiful portraits are still up on the wall in Mom’s apartment.

A candind photograph. Kacha, Sevastopol. Exist in photographs - by Orlando photographer

You can see the portraits I am talking about in the upper right hand corner. Still there now 🙂

Old photographs - exist in photographs - by Orlando photographer

Here is my handsome Dad. No wonder one of these photos was displayed in the photography studio window for years and years even after he passed away.

Taking yearly photographs wasn’t a priority, at least for our family, so I have big gaps between our family photographs being taken at a studio. The biggest gap was between my 4th birthday and then 14th. I will never have those years back, my kids will never know what I looked like when I was their age. But my biggest regret is that I don’t have a single photo with my Dad. I have one photo where he is in the same photograph with me, and that’s it. He passed away when I was a year and a half. He was the photo-taker in our family. He photographed me and my sister, but he never was in the photos. I would love to have a photo with him. But I don’t. And never will.

Exist in photographs for your children. Guys, dads, husbands, brothers, grandpas, don’t shy away from the sessions, don’t say it is not important. Ladies, moms, sisters, girls, make a priority to have a family session done (once a year, every other year but do plan for it). I know everyone has cellphone which snaps pictures left and right. How many of you actually print those pictures. When your children are grown, will they see those photos in the albums?

I came across this perfect little video from Canon. Watch it it is only 30 sec long.


Moms, don’t wait until you loose those 5-10-50 extra pounds. Do it soon. Do it now. Mom is a Mom – she is ALWAYS perfect!

My very first family shoot was done when my kids where babies. I was a proud owner of a CD full of images, all 200-something images, barely edited. About 190 should have been culled by the photographer, the other 20 were ok. That CD is still somewhere in my desk drawer. None of the photos made it into a photo album.

Don’t settle for a CD with images. Proudly present the photos on your walls and in a photo album. Exist in photographs for your children, for your family, for yourself.



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