Story Book of My Childhood

It’s about time (a year later!) I finally found the time to blog about this project which I dreamed about for a long time and then finally found the perfect team to work with and my dream project came alive.

So the book I am referring to is “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I read this book when I was about 10 years old while on my summer break on grandma Tamara’s couch (yes, I was named after her, lucky me!). Oh, how I would love to turn the time back just for 10 min and visit that time of my life… This book helps with that for sure… The book is not very big, so if you have 1-2 hours free – take it from the library and read it. You’ll find it very interesting.

This photo and video shoot took SO MUCH planning, as no other shoot before… And I would love to thank my whole family for participation and jumping on board. It did take some bribing though… A lot of it 😛

So, here it is I proudly present to you not one of the easiest projects I worked on, but one of the most memorable for sure..

TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_2 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_4 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_3


This photo was published in Vogue of Italia in 2012

TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_5 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_6 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_7 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_9 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_10 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_11 TheLittlePrine_www.tamaraknight.com_1

And just some back and whites I edited just now.

TheLittlePrince_www.tamaraknight.com_bw TheLittlePrince_www.tamaraknight.com_bw2

I also would like to thank BAREFOOT EMPIRE FILMS for working with me on this project. These guys created the most touching video of my family and I’ll treasure it forever.. Please enjoy this wonderful storytelling video ( I tear up every time I watch it…)


If the video doesn’t work for any reason – click on this link:

Now, if you want to have the experience full of fun memories, and excitement first hand all you need to do is:

1. Pick your favorite book, which is near and dear to your heart

2. Bribe your family into participating (ice cream works really well!)

3. Email or call 650.218.2417 me for details:

3. As a result: a beautiful hand made in Italy photo book; a touching video based on the shoot; and a CD with the images (the only collection which comes with it) and memories to treasure forever.

And I saved some behind the scenes photos for the very last.

Little_Prince-22 Little_Prince-6 Little_Prince-67 Little_Prince-58


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