For Generations To Come by Orlando Photographer

100 Years Apart {by Orlando Photographer} 1

For Generations To Come by Orlando Photographer

Being 1,000’s of miles away from my Mom, your Orlando Photographer knows just how precious it is to have your extended family nearby. Having unlimited access to the sage wisdom your grandmother provides or the laughs and family stories coming from your grandfather is one of life’s good things.  Not everyone is so lucky! All too often however, no one thinks of making sure their presence is documented in a family portrait. Sure we all have a few iPhone snapshots from the last family gathering. There are usually some amazing photos of Grandma in her period clothes and even a wedding day shot of the happy pair. How many people can say they have a timeless portrait starring them and their mom, grandparent- or gasp, great-grandparent??



Mom with children portrait by Orlando family photographer


We understand it can be hard to get our elder parents or grandparents in front of the camera at this phase. Many times they don’t know how beautiful they are. It may take some convincing to get them to smile through wrinkles, scars or less hair. Just taking a look at these results, this Orlando photography studio is sure they were not disappointed with the results!


A portrait of laughing Mom and daughter by Orlando photographer


I know I would love to see this on the wall tomorrow….in 5 years….and in 50 years!

The strong women in this photo will have a memory to cherish and a reason to be proud forever!



Family portrait showing four generations of women by Tamara Knight Orlando Photographer


The Matriarch, The Mother, The Daughter and The Granddaughter

We love this photo so much because of the passage of time shown on the hands and the differing skin tonalities from the same family pictured here.

Generations portrait featuring 4 different hands on top of each other by Tamara Knight Orlando Photographer


I’m not sure who is the star of this photo! The ecstatic grandparents or the adorable little man…but I could stare at this photo and debate about it for hours, couldn’t you?!



Look at the bounty of grandchildren they get to enjoy! Truly one of life’s blessings.



This father and daughter set just makes me smile! (also in my opinion he is a dead ringer for Bob Barker, who I idolize) What a sweet image and definitely one for the family history wall!


I can just imagine this family photo as it may have been 20 years ago when these sisters were little girls.



Generation shoot: great grandmother, grandmother and their grandchild by Orlando photographer Great grandma and her grand children by Orlando photographer


Hands and toes by Orlando photographer

These new baby toes held so tenderly in the loving fingers of his great-grandmother will forever be a testament to a life well lived. The life we live everyday is the legacy we pass down to our future generations. Also incredibly important on that mission is documenting each moment so don’t overlook what may seem to be an everyday moment. If your elder relatives don’t live near you, it’s even more important to capture these images. A great time to organize something like this is around holidays! Look for a great photographer in the town you are visiting…photographers love destination photo shoots! If your family is visiting Orlando, come to our Orlando studio to immortalize your loved ones!


A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.

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