generational portrait features mom, grandma in pastel colors

Generational Portraits: What Is Their Significance?


Families are comprised not only of parents and children. Your parents have their own parents, your grandmothers and grandfathers. You are a lucky person if you know several generations of your kin in person. Time is inexorable, one day elder members of your extended family will go to a better place and the only thing you’ll be left with is memories. Memories of their care and love when you were young, of things you did together, and of how wonderful your grandparents were. You can make these reminiscences even brighter with generational portraits.


Chronological Look at Your Family


Sometimes it is hard to persuade your grandparents to have photographs together. They believe that their presence will take the focus away from you. They say that they don’t want to get in your way and find many excuses to stay home –I don’t look good, you will do better without me, I don’t know how to pose, etc. Even your parents can be stubborn folks and echo the same reasons to pass on a generation family photoshoot. No wonder, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Nevertheless, photographs of your extended family are priceless. They reflect the unique features of your ‘squad’, complex interactions and relationships between all of you, and, finally, a strong bond that keeps you all together. This bond may not be seen with the eyes but everyone looking at your photos will be able to feel it with their hearts. This reason alone is enough to put any doubts aside and boldly head to a photo session.

generational portrait features mom, grandma in black dress and little girl in black and white

Dianne’s, Jennifer’s, and Rowan’s Generational Portraits


We all live busy lives and often it is a challenge to gather everyone for joint activities. Therefore, it is precious that a family of 3 generations, Dianne, the grandmother, Jennifer, the mother, and Rowan, the youngest member of the group, could find time to drop by my photo studio.


Dianne admitted that at first, she didn’t really want to go as she feared that it will take away from her daughter and granddaughter. Luckily, Jennifer and Rowan convinced her to come. Looking at happiness-radiating generational portraits of these beautiful ladies, it’s clear that it was a great idea.


You can’t deny that commonality among them goes beyond physical appearances. It is love, support, and care that they give to each other that make them a real family. These pictures imbued with fondness and affection are a lasting record they will treasure for many years to come. Time will pass and Rowan will grow up but she’ll always remember her mom and grandma young and beautiful as they are today.

generational portrait features adult child and mom

Why Should Everyone Have a Family Portrait?


Family is the most valuable thing a person has. Some might argue that money or power are of foremost importance but they can’t bring you true happiness … and family can. You can always count on your nearest and dearest when you need them the most. When you’re down and it seems like the whole world turned against you, your family will always be there to lend a helping hand. Sometimes, we take their support for granted yet we appreciate what they do for us. You can show your gratitude for all their efforts and love with something as simple as a photoshoot featuring all the members of your extended family.


Families are an ever-changing unit. They grow and they shrink, they invite new members and say goodbye to departed ones… In a year, a month, maybe even tomorrow, your family won’t be the same. That’s why we should preserve the memories of our dearest people the way they are today. After a while, you can gather your family again to repeat the experience and compare the photos you had back then and now. Only when putting these photographs side by side, you will see how many changes all of you underwent throughout the days. These pictures can become visual timelines of your extended family. After many years, these steeped in history chronicles will mean the world to you and the future generations.

generational portrait features little girl in sparkly dress

Celebrate Your Family’s Milestones


How many occasions can you name to get together and celebrate important milestones in the life of your family? Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new additions to a family… a list can go on and on. Besides the celebration, these dates are perfect for getting generational portraits. Showcasing the progress you have achieved as well as people supporting you along the way, theses pictures will tell a true story of you and your ‘dynasty’.


There are many joyful moments in life you would like to remember. You share them with your nearest and dearest and they magically turn your happiness into the greatest felicity. Both these moments and the people you invite to the celebration are worth to go down in history… the history of your lineage.


Professional Full-Family Photoshoots


Hands down, you can take pictures of your family at home, with any camera you have close at hand. But don’t you think there is something they will miss? They will miss you, the important part of the family. When you stay behind the scene, you make your family incomplete. It is like a jigsaw puzzle with a lost piece… it’s still nice but something is not right.


To make everything right, take on me, your professional family photographer in Orlando, Florida. My camera will bring out the traits and passions of every individual in your family as well as the entire unit on the whole. Together, we can tell the unique story of your multi-age group in an exciting and touching way. With generational portraits taken in my studio or on-location, every piece will fall into place!

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