Holiday Family Photographs

Sometimes I feel like a miracle-worker who brings people joy and happiness. You can’t even imagine what I feel when I see a flash of delight in my clients’ eyes as they get their photographs. Especially, if these are holiday family photographs.

I was elated to take pictures of a large and friendly family, the Dolyas. Mom Christy, dad Nick, their kids Elizabeth, Victoria, and Alexander, as well as their pet Red, visited my Orlando photo studio and left with a sea of emotions in addition to the new photos for their family album.


Photographs for Christy, Nick, and Their Family

My acquaintance with the Dolyas began with a charity auction to raise funds for Maitland Art and History Museum. For this annual event, I donated one of my photo packages and Christy with Nick bid for the lot. Together, we helped collect money to help the museum grow and further delight us with its stunning art collections. I am happy that our community has such generous and heedful people as Mr. and Mrs. Dolya. Beautiful-couple-in-formal

A few days before the photoshoot, I met with the couple to discuss the details of the future event. Together, they chose a family photography session as a chance to gather all of their nearest and dearest, dress up, and pose for a camera. Such a good call! I am always up for family photoshoots – the more people, the merrier.

On the appointed day, I met Christy, Nick, the children, and Red, their golden doodle, at my photo studio, all were in good spirit and ready to conquer the day. They came up with several ideas for the photos – suited and booted, in casual style, and the girls also posed in beautiful pastel dresses like real fashion models. Even Red was a good boy and looked straight into my camera as if shooting was his calling. father-son-dog

I can’t deny that holiday family photographs are my favorite. I love to observe the interaction in the family circle and the chemistry among the loving people. There is an unbreakable bond between parents and children that we cannot see but can feel it. My goal as a photographer is to catch the smiles, the looks, and the happy vibes of these beautiful families.

Memorable Moments

I am sure that every family, small or large, should have a joint photo event. Many years later, these shots will send you on a trip down memory lane.

Family photography is an immortalized moment of happiness. Get out your old photo album, what pictures does it keep? Probably, the images of parents when they were young, long-gone grandparents, and pictures of us when we were little. Holiday Family Photographs weather and fade but the people they capture remain in our memory forever. brother-and-sisters

In this day and age, people produce thousands of snaps every second. Our parents and generations before them had to go to photo parlors to get photographs and then give them away to friends and family as a keepsake. Now that almost any device can point and snap, photos are not that special anymore. You take a picture, post it on social media, get likes, and forgot about it.

Family photographs, on the other hand, are a completely different thing. Some pictures we took over the years will be erased from the memory but photos with your loved ones will evoke warm feelings even decades later.

Strengthening Family Ties

Kids sure do grow up fast! Just yesterday they were knee-high to a grasshopper and today they are turning into beautiful young people. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life and overwhelmed with chores, we can simply overlook how they evolve from infants to teens and then to young adults. However, if you capture all the family milestones in a photograph, you will never miss any important moment. Previously, we marked walls to record the height of our kids as they shoot up but now we can track them growing with a holiday family photography. This is surely a more fun way to create fond memories plus your walls will remain safe and sound.

A  family photoshoot is a chance to get out of the routine, dress up, and spend quality time with your family. Moms and daughters will surely be ecstatic to put on beautiful dresses, do up their hair, and get a nice makeup. Men, large and small, don’t really wear nice starched shirts and trousers in everyday life, so if not for a family photo session, then when? Mother-and-Daughters

Take the Stress Out of Photography

Think about how many of your photos capture the whole family together. Often, a photograph is taken by somebody from the family meaning he or she just won’t be with you in the pictures. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get the entire bunch in full? This is what the holiday family photography is for.

You may ask yourself why hire a photographer if you can take pics by yourself. Of course, if you have a tripod and a phone with a timer, you can make hundreds of snapshots. However, are you sure they come out good for everybody? Someone blinked, someone turned away and you have to start all over again. Such a pleasant thing as a family photoshoot can turn into a disaster if you’re not sure what to do.

It is a completely different story if you have a professional photographer. A comfortable studio, spot-on lighting, the right composition, and friendly atmosphere – these are the simple components of holiday family photography.

Look at the beautiful pictures of Nick, Christy, and their children. They had lots of fun when posing for my camera. Maybe it is time for you, too, to gather your whole family together and get quality joint shots? Family-on-white-background

Are you ready to update your family portraits?

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