Your Kids are Driving You Crazy During the Summer? 5 Tips for You | by Orlando Family Photographer

I thought it would be easy to deal with 2 children staying home during the summer here in Orlando, Florida. I was wrong, very wrong. I had no idea that a 9 and a 10 years old cannot entertain themselves most of the time :-/

I am very lucky that my parents are visiting this summer, so that helps a lot. They brought some of my childhood memories into my kids’ lives.

If you children are bored, here are some tips, which worked well with mine 🙂

1.  Good old card game. My Mom reminded me, that we played cards all day long, when it was too hot to play outside 🙂 Some oldies but goodies are ‘Fool’, ‘Akulina’ (Witch – I could not find the correct rules in English, my Russian friends, if you can find it – let me know, so I can update the post!), 21. Of course when I joined I was left a ‘fool’ almost each and every time! Need practice!


2. Cooking with you (or even better – with your visiting parents 🙂 Now we have a freezer stuffed with some home made pelmeni and vareniki (ravioli type of thing). Kids are loving it, especially since they helped making it!

cooking with parents

3.  A box of chalk will buy you a couple of hours, especially if you make a game out of it! Who will draw a better space ship is a good start! (Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, it is pretty sunny now days).

4.  Looking through the old photo albums. My kids can spend hours doing so and giggling at the ‘young’ selves! 🙂 After the albums are done – old videos are a hit!

5.  And the best is left for last, but it works only if you have someone visiting. Ask your guests to share the stories from their childhood with your children. The best entertainment! My kids couldn’t believe that their grandma had a doll with a face made out of clay (which was eating by a pig!) and that one of the boys who liked her brought a watermelon to her as a sign of his love (in first grade). I actually stopped working and listened to some of those stories!

Babushka_dedushka_june2014-86 summer fun

When I was thinking about this session I was so happy to stumble upon this beautiful location in Orlando. It is going to become my new secret location 🙂 summer fun

And while your kids are out of your hair – go and take some candid photos of them, so they can look through them in 5 years and say – we were so small!

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<3 them all!

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