Mommy and Me Photography – For Little Princesses and their Gorgeous Moms

Every mom has myriads of photos featuring their children. She flings herself into spur-of-the-moment photographing on any good occasion. Children burst into a smile, play with the dog, fool around in the backyard, or are just in a good mood – there is always a reason to take a few snaps. When moms are behind the camera, they get to take nice pictures of their children but they are not together with them. Mommy and me photography is an excellent idea to solve the case of missing moms in family photos.

I said this many times before and I’ll do it once again now – I love meeting families and get to know their stories. Sadly, oftentimes mothers bring their children to my photo studio but refuse to be in pictures with them. The reasons are always the same. ‘I want all the attention to be on children’ or ‘I don’t look good’. Luckily, I see more and more women getting engaged in photoshoots with their bundles of joy. I couldn’t be happier with the trend of ‘Mommy and Me’ photography.

Kelli and Kenli Rose Photoshoot

Women of today don’t want to be full-time moms. Women want to have it all. We are business persons, travelers, fitness buffs, dog lovers, and everything else at once. We desire to get the most out of life and we succeed. One of these dynamic business moms is Kelli, the founder, and SEO of MedSpeaks. Her company helps bring together professionals from various walks of life to facilitate educational opportunities and connections for healthcare startups.

This brilliant woman has a plan for everything. She knows how to make a go of her business and give the best to her family. With both work and family commitments in mind, she crossed the threshold of my photo studio. First, we took a couple of pictures in her stylish white attire she can use for business-related matters. When this was done, we focused the rest of the photoshoot on capturing an incredible mother-daughter relationship between Kelli and her 7 years old daughter Kenli Rose.


The favorite part of my job is documenting the joys of life and love between the close people. Mothers and daughters have the strongest bond and a deep feeling of connection. I see this affection through the lens of my camera and in photographs capturing these two together. Happiness and pure emotions Kenli Rose and her mom radiate became a highlight of these lovely photos. They even invited the family dog, Briley, to the session to make the pictures even cuter. The curly pet became the perfect addition to ‘Mommy and Me’ photography. In a sense, dogs are just like kids and they bring so much joy, too.


The Significance of Mommy and Me Photography

Children grow so fast. In a few years, when flicking through family photo albums, they might discover photos they don’t even remember. What they won’t discover is their mom alongside. Well, it is because she was always behind the camera. But moms forget that children portraits are as important as pictures of themselves. They are important for their sons and daughters. If you always keep out of family photoshoots, how will your kids know how you looked 10, 20, or 30 years ago? How can they show their friends that this beauty in the photos is actually their mom? Without these photographs, you deprive them of something to be proud of.

So, if next time you are going to dodge joint photographs, think about how it may affect your kids. Taking fond memories away from them is not what loving moms should do.

Here is one more thing to think about. Parents love sharing pictures of their kids on social media. If you, too, are sharenting addict, why don’t you post something with the full squad assembled? You are the rightful member of the family and your kids (as well as everybody else who cares of all of you) will be glad to see you taking part in fun activities.

It’s Time to Dress Up

Many women wriggle out of photos with their children only because they don’t think they look great. Well, I’ve heard that too many times. Dear ladies, your fears of looking old, fat, untidy (whatever your case is) has absolutely no ground. Family photographs transfigure even the most self-conscious individuals. When you are together with your loved ones, your eyes are glowing with elation and genuine joyful emotions. Therefore, a happy person is a beautiful person. So, no matter what your reflection in the mirror makes you think of yourself, pictures with your kids will show you as a gorgeous woman.

Besides, ‘Mommy and Me’ photography is a great opportunity to take your best dresses out of the closet. In your magnificent gown, you’ll take on a look of a hearth goddess in all her glory with her little angels by her side. Moms and daughters in matching dresses always look the cutest. Don’t be upset if you don’t have a striking gown. In fact, mother and daughter photoshoots can bring your wildest ideas to life. You may put on an image of two cool cowgirls, cheerleaders, Indian princesses, and everything your heart desires. Even casual looks in matching t-shirts and jeans make a huge impact.


Indoors and Outdoors

You and your daughter are the main heroes of a photoshoot. Nevertheless, an ambiance plays an important role, too. Locations you choose add a dash of originality and help highlight the image you wish to convey. If you want the focus to be on the bond with your little princess, studio shooting works the best. You can model in your fabulous dresses without fear of catching on a snag and tearing fabric. There is no limit to poses and angles you can take. When kids are little, the comfortable ambiance of a photo studio will help them relax and be themselves.

If you want to flaunt a surprising image and you need an aid to boost the impact, outdoor photoshoots hit the spot. For instance, if you picked a rural theme, photos taken in a field or at a farm will best conduct your idea. Your children will surely fall in love with a place they can run and goof around at.

Whatever option appeals to you, I am here to capture your special moments. Go ahead and share your ideas with me and together, we’ll make it happen!


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