Mysterious Photoshoot: Dare to be Different

Mysterious Photoshoot: Dare to be Different


When it’s time to graduate from high school, many seniors pick photoshoots to celebrate. As a professional photographer, I could not agree more that photography is the coolest way to preserve fond memories of school times and anticipation of what the future holds. What’s even cooler is that there are so many directions you can go with a graduation photo session. Some stick to inspirational ‘caps in the air’ photographs while others gravitate toward something original and out-there. Speaking of that, I just cannot help but share some pictures of amazing Quinn and her mysterious photoshoot for graduation. My spunky model proves that being different is awesome!

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Dark Style for a Vibrant Personality


Quinn is one of many seniors who chose a photoshoot as a reward for reaching their biggest milestone so far. However, she did not want to be one of many when it came to the theme of her shooting. Her peers enjoy putting on gorgeous dresses, having stunning make-up, and looking like they are about to take the cover page of Harper’s Bazaar. But Quinn did not want to do what others do. She did not think that glamorous pictures were wrong, it’s just they didn’t represent her as a person. Quinn has always had a penchant for dark and artistic Gothic aesthetics, and her graduation was a golden opportunity to manifest this side of her nature.


Many people have a misconception that Gothic is something dark, spooky, and even evil. But let me tell you how far from the truth that is. Quinn is one of the loveliest and bounciest teens I have ever met! She was super enthusiastic about the upcoming photoshoot and bristling with ideas. Yes, she loves black and there is nothing wrong with it. After all, it is the most stylish color – not for nothing do we always say that something is the new black. Well, the truth is that there is nothing better than the good old black. So, Quinn’s coveted desire was to make use of dark aesthetics to frame her bright personality.

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Attention to Detail


It is not enough to do a black dress and do smokey eyes to call it Gothic or mysterious. No, a mysterious photoshoot requires cohesiveness and a subtle sense of taste. If you have it, your mysterious portraits are bound to look spectacular. Thankfully, my model knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it to be. Such a young lady and such a strong perspective! My team and I could not let her down.


Quinn did not want to pretend to be someone else during her photoshoot. She wanted to be herself, just a dash more artistic and daring. To be fair, some of the looks she chose for shooting are her everyday staples, for instance, the black tank top, tartan skirt, and an ankh pendant. Other looks were a bit more eccentric – it is not every day that you see Quinn rocking her witch outfit. Either way, she looked powerful, mysterious, and diverting. That was the plan, we stuck to it, and we got it all worked out.


My young mysterious model needed everything to be perfect for her photoshoot. It was not only for her graduation but also her 18th birthday, which happened around the same time. It is a big day in every girl’s life, so Quinn couldn’t miss a thing. She decided to go with a full package for her photoshoot that included hair and make-up from amazing Evelisse. For the indoor looks, Quinn and Evelisse chose dramatic make-up with a bit of painting around the eyes. For the outdoor makeup, we chose subtle lilac hues that put a strong emphasis on the eyes. In both cases, Evelisse did a great job of completing Quinn’s mysterious style, and Quinn pulled it off like the lady boss she is.


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senior photography, orlando photography, orlando photograper, senior graduation photography


Quinn’s Kindred Spirits


Quinn’s mysterious-themed photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without her best friends – Yoshi the chameleon and Chewy the hedgehog. The unique individuality that my young model is requires unique pets. Do you think that hedgehogs and chameleons are too sweet to be mysterious? Well, hedgehogs are nocturnal, they enjoy night much more than the light of day, and this is something they and mysteriousness have in common. Chameleons change their color all the time and there is probably no more cryptic creature than these striking reptiles.

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So, Quinn’s little kindred spirits got to bask under the spotlight, too. Together with their charming owner, they made a great mysterious trio.

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Get Your Own Mysterious Photoshoot


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You can’t deny the appeal of mystery. Its lusciousness and dark aspect are perfect for special occasions, especially if you’re considering getting an original photoshoot. It works for graduations, anniversaries, beauty photo sessions, and even family portraits a-la The Addams Family. Dark and sophisticated, mysterious portraits are always a vivid experience. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to do something extraordinary and memorable.


Do you want your mysterious photoshoot to go off without a hitch? I am glad to offer an exclusive all-around deal that lets you enjoy the entire process without a shadow of stress. It includes a consultation to finalize your vision, discuss outfits, and decide on a location. Professional make-up and hairstyling courtesy of fantastic Evelisse to make your look complete is included as well. At the post-photoshoot stage, you can choose the best pictures and I will put them through delicate editing to add that desired finishing touch. After that, your amazing pictures are ready for printing whether it is a new addition to your photo album or wall art.

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My photo studio is always open for you and your bold photographic experiments. Feel free to bring your most daring ideas to life and create art masterpieces. And if you enjoy outdoor shooting, I know a picture-perfect place for your mysterious photographs. Lush woods and Spanish moss swinging in the wind will effortlessly add a hint of mystery and atmospheric quality to your photos.


How do you like photographs that absorb attention and fire imagination? Let us create them together. I am looking forward to seeing you at my photo studio! Book today!



senior photography, orlando photography, orlando photograper, senior graduation photography

senior photography, orlando photography, orlando photograper, senior graduation photography

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