Things Are Changing Around the Studio

“Mom, are you free the weekend of Sunday, February 10th?” “No, baby, I am not, I have a session.” This is a typical conversation in my house.

My daughter and my son know to schedule their weekend time with me months in advance. Yes, I realized that I treat my family as clients! They know if they don’t put on the calendar their performances, activities ahead of time – I will not be able to make it. They actually almost giving up on even inviting me… My weekends were saved for my job. I love what I do. I love my clients. And I make sure that I accommodate my client’s schedules and make it easier for them.  Being a recovering workaholic, it is easy for me to put my work first and family second. But then I realized, that my kids ARE growing up, and there is not much I can do about that. And what will they remember of me as their Mom? They will remember that Mom is always busy and always working. Which not a bad thing for modeling work ethics, but not helpful for raising a family. ? Both of them are teens, so they will be going to colleges soon!

Weekends are for Family

As a photographer, one of my jobs is to make photo sessions for my clients as easy as possible. One of the biggest ways I’ve done this is by offering up part if not my entire weekends to accommodate my clients. I have loved every minute of it as well. As my children get older and start to prepare themselves for college I’ve realized that I need to spend these last few precious years with them that I have.

Family Should Come First

Being a person who puts my work before everything, I have realized that I have missed out on a lot in regards to my kids. They frequently have weekend events that I will send my husband to so that I may focus on my clients. I recently was at a school event for my son and seeing his excitement to me being there made me realize that my presence in their extracurriculars is important. It also reminded me that they are no longer little with what feels like infinite time together anymore. They are getting older and with that, getting ready to start their own lives. I need to prepare myself for that and what better way to do that than by cherishing every minute I get to spend with them.

More Me Time as Well

I often find myself working even on my days off. Whether it’s shuffling through photos from a recent shoot to pick the best or its calling and emailing clients, I’ve found that I rarely have a true day off. This, as I am learning, can be exhausting. I have gone on a few trips recently and forcing myself not to work while I was gone has really been refreshing and made me all that more eager to get back to work after! I often forget that to take care of my clients the best that I can I need to take of myself first.

Having more time to myself allows me also to spend time with the wonderful people I have made friends with through my profession as well. I have connected with some wonderful women through my job and taking time to myself on the weekends lets me become better acquainted with them!


To the Next Great Journey

So here we are. This decision was difficult to make (did I mention I like to work?). But it is time. No more weekend work for me (with rare exceptions of Premium dates – meaning an occasional weekend shoot, which comes with conditions). I am going to spend more time with my family. I’m going to create those memories and make sure my kids have access to me without putting weekend requests in!

Why Now?

I feel good about this decision because I lost enough time with the family growing my business. It was my choice, I enjoyed it! Now, before it is too late, I’ll enjoy extra time with my lovely teenagers. Did you know, that it turns out that when children graduate from high school, you already used up 93% of their in-person parent time? By the time they are 10 years old you already spent 2/3 of your face to face time with them. How important it is to have beautiful portraits of your relationship?

That should be one more reason to take half a day off work for you and get the kids from school early, so you can spend that time together create new memories and have your beautiful session done as well. I have done it before. I’ll do it again.

Create Memories

Now, it is a perfect time to go play with your kids if they are little. Or give them a call and see what’s up. Or look through a family album from your latest session. Do you have portraits you love and cherish? If not: book your session now:


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