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Personal Branding Sessions: Another Option For Working With Your Orlando Headshot Photographer


As an Orlando headshot photographer, I often get asked about the true importance of a good headshot.

What exactly is a headshot you might ask?


Here is the traditional Webster’s dictionary definition.


Headshot (noun): a photograph of someone’s face, especially a promotional photograph of a model, actor, or author.


Here is a more modern definition that encompasses more aspects of what this photo represents.


A headshot is a modern portrait for today’s branding needs. The focus of the photograph is the personality inside the person captured. A headshot is a specific type of portrait. A headshot is an image that portrays a person as she/he is, however simple or stylized the image might be.



The phrase “…today’s branding needs” really caught my eye for what defines a current headshot.


So much of business is done online and your headshot is often the first impression. Your Orlando headshot photographer truly believes that this is a new reality and goes the extra mile to deliver fantastic results.

We all know that our image proceeds us and an up to date professional headshot can make all the difference in getting your foot in the door with that prospective client.


Take a look at your current headshot or social media profile photo….what does it say about you, who you are, or what you are passionate about? Is it a photo of you that was taken in a group setting that you have cropped?

Or a selfie with your iPhone? In this 21st century era, a low-quality photo of you sends out the signal that you are not taking your personal brand seriously. Are you getting a WOW effect, like this beautiful photographer Lindsey Nolan?

Headshot Mini Session: Lindsay by Tamara Knight Photography Orlando headshot photographer


A headshot is your representation in the online business world.

The first impression you make on the social media sites, so it should be a true representation of you, whether that is confident, approachable, friendly or creative.



Finding an Orlando headshot photographer that can deliver a unique and memorable, yet professional photograph can be a challenge.


Experience matters, as do results! Pay for as much experience as you can afford and STILL look at their reviews!!!


We are very proud of our reviews, check them out here!  These are words from current and past clients that have been pleased with the results of their session with Tamara Knight Photography.



My Personal Branding photography packages are tailored to create dynamic, interesting, creative and relevant images for use on your website, blog, social media platforms, publicity and media.

Included in this package are travel fees so we can go to your place of business!

Depending on your profession, holding the shoot on location results in amazing branding photos.

I don’t offer the usual stiff, clinical, corporate head-shots because personal branding photography is specific to your brand and offers an alternative to the usual head-shot.

This type of session is great for the professional with a little more time on their hands. It is a full day experience that stars only you and includes many perks, including the opportunity to invite others to join in the fun!

This is Tracy who is a medical professional, and as this headshot portrays, also an incredibly fun and down to earth woman! You can find her site here:

A Pelvis is in the Building! Tracy Sher in the Orlando Photographer's Studio 2



A complimentary in-person wardrobe consultation and planning session

This appointment is held at the client’s home about 2 weeks prior to the shoot.  This is a chance for Tamara to dig through your closet for look options. Give your wardrobe a chance…you may not need to go shopping!

Tamara also makes herself available to consult on shopping choices! You can text photos of outfits from the fitting room and receive her expert advice in minutes.



Professional hair and makeup artistry

This is done at the photo studio by one of our partner professionals.

Our hair and makeup artists are experts at enhancing the natural beauty of every woman that sits in the chair. It is extremely important that the image is a true representation of you. The reaction you want to get from a prospective client that finally meets you for the first time is “Wow! He/She is exactly what I was expecting.” Definitely not, “Whoa…this is not anything like I thought he/she would be.” The former reaction inspires confidence and trust in you. The latter reaction has a possibility of making the client feel uneasy at the start.


Photo shoot experience with Tamara Knight

Fun, exciting environment with snacks, lunch and beverages provided

You will first get down to business with headshots, you have the option of going on location to your office or store for dynamic action shots.

Then the focus turns on you for some personal beauty shots. Towards the end of your session, you can invite your business partner, spouse/partner, children, parents, dogs or girlfriend to join you for some images!

Your image should match the tone of your career and your personal brand. Your wardrobe is a very important part of that. Everything from the color to the jewelry should be in line with the image you want to portray. Having 2-3 outfit changes will help make sure you get a variety of looks within your branding. Graphic and web designers have different needs for the many ways your image will be used in marketing and social media. You don’t have to worry about this part though because that is what we are here for! Tamara will have you posed seated, standing, leaning, crouching…all in the name of variety!



Full retouching of your beautiful images

You will view each fully edited and perfected.


Portrait reveal and order session

This will be the time for you to select your favorites and choose how you would like to display them. From gift prints to wall art to custom photo albums, we can recommend the best way to show your pride in your new personal art.

We can provide any crops or close-ups needed for your marketing needs.



We have all heard the saying “It takes money to make money”!

For all the reasons listed above, in this era, your personal image is your money maker. Skimping on the presentation of your personal brand will filter down to all aspects of your business and could possibly lose you money.

Not having a timeless, well thought out session by a great headshot photographer could result in you having to repeat your headshots sooner than necessary.

Go for the gold the first time around! This will decrease the chances that you will be disappointed by lackluster results!

Here are some of our favorite images from recent Personal Branding Sessions in the Orlando headshot photographer’s studio and beyond!


This is Lisa, she loves drink wine, share it with her friends create wonderful memories doing that and has a business built around it! She’ll be featured on the blog soon!

Lisa Personal Branding Session by Tamara Knight Photography Orlando headshot photographer

This is Lynni, an interior designer on the Florida Coast photographed by Tamara Knight Photography in the comfort of her own home. She will be featured on the blog very soon!

Lynni Personal Branding Session by Tamara Knight Photography Orlando Headshot photographer


Are you ready to step up your marketing game? If you are clear about your marketing and your message, then it is time to spread it to potential clients with a personal branding session!

A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.


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