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Photographer Orlando – Blog & News

Photographer Orlando – Blog & News

For those of you who don’t know me personally, let me introduce myself: born and raised in Ukraine, moved to the US a long 14 years ago, so English is not my first language. Please excuse my typos, grammar mistakes, and inconsistency… Ok, let’s do it!

This is my first blog post ever, and as I told my friends, I am not a writer. Writing doesn’t come to me naturally. Sometimes I surprise myself by doing something I don’t like and in the end, I actually do like the result! Let’s see if I can surprise myself and you.

Today my baby girl is having her first-ever writing FCAT! She has the same problem as I do – she is not a writer! I convinced her she’ll be fine, just do your best, I said. I am going to pick her up in a couple of minutes and we’ll see how she did! In meanwhile I am doing my best writing this post.

This blog will be mostly about what I love: photography. But also I’ll write about things which are very important to me: family, love, education and more. Let’s see if I can do it all.

This is a picture of her practicing her writing a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck to my daughter and me with our writing challenges! Writing world, here we come!! P.S. And update: my daughter was very excited when I picked her up. She said: It was so easy!!! Nothing to be worried about! I feel the same… 🙂 We survived our first test. Learn more about professional photographers

P.P.S. I showed this blog to my daughter, wanted to share it with her to see her reaction She sat in my chair, put her hand to her forehead and started reading with such intense look on her face, that I said: you don’t have to check for anything, just read! And she said: no Mama, you made a mistake in your first sentence! I have to proofread your post! Sigh… now I have my own critic in my own house… I think I am done showing my posts to her! 😛 Spellcheck should be enough!

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