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A Shoot for an Amazing Yoga Instructor  |  Tamara Knight Photography - Orlando Photographer 12

When I meet a client who says that she wants something unusual, out of the box – I feel like a kid in a candy store, or more like an adult in a wine shop… 🙂 When I met Krista (The Yoga Shala) – that’s how I felt. My mind started to go crazy with the new ideas, I even had some dreams about the possible locations for the shoot. A couple of month later it happened! Not everything went as desired  (no rooftop or a beautiful stage), but we got some surprises thrown in! 😉

TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 1
I had to find a construction site.. Lucky me, there was one right around the corner from me with no one there  🙂

visit www.tamaraknight.com/blog for more I TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 3 An abounded house was on a list!

KTamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 4 This feels like every mother’s dream… Kids are busy, Mom found her quiet spot 🙂

TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 5 This was a  tree across from another location we had on a list… Had to ask a permission to use the tree from the owner, but he was more than happy to let us use it 😉 I am sure my Russian accent charmed him. Or it was Krista’s flexibility.. 😉

TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 6 TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 7 Downtown Orlando, here we come!

KrTamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 8 TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 9
She pretty much stopped the traffic 😉 TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 10 TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 11
That was one of the very welcomed surprises –  a fire station! Very friendly firemen let take some photos in front of their resting truck..
TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 12 TamaraKnightPhotography_yoga_photography 13

After a standing ovation from the firemen, we continued on our journey… visit www.tamaraknight.com/blog for more

…and we ended our evening in a bar.  Many thanks to the bar management for letting us use it for our shoot.

The moral of the story is: if you work hard, you can do anything you want to! Even to be as amazing as Krista from The Yoga Shala (check out her site: http://www.theyogashala.org) Find your passion, work at it and you will be the best!


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