Benefits and Hidden Opportunities of Props in Family Photography


Many people believe that a family photoshoot means dressing up and looking stunning. If it was so, all the pictures would be the same, just with different faces. No, there is always room for creativity and not-like-anyone-else approach. One of the best ways to bring out your individuality is through using props in family photography.


Whether you visit a studio for pictures of your nuclear family, generation portraits, or photos with teens, props make photography more personalized. They add significance and put a spotlight on things that matter for kids, parents, and the family as a whole. Objects you bring to a session enhance the clearness of the picture, as well as help convey the image you want to showcase.


Props in Senior Photography


It is not a secret that teens get moody oftentimes. If they came to a photoshoot only because folks made them to, there will be no spirit of cooperation. Persuading and pleas won’t help. The only thing that works in this situation is showing them that their opinions and interests are important to you. Therefore, encourage your teens to bring things they can’t imagine their lives without. If he plays basketball, a jersey and a ball can become an aid to loosen up and let him show off his skills. If she is a dancer, pointe shoes and a tutu skirt will add a touch of allure to your family portraits.


It is hard to find a teen without any hobbies. It means that he or she surely has an object they wish to bring with them. This prop can become a full-fledged participant in a photo shoot. If it is a musical instrument, ask them to play something. Their favorite melody should put them at ease and ignite the spark in their eyes. If they brought a ball, let them throw it or show some tricks. Pictures capturing them playing with their siblings or parents are fun, light, and natural. They are definitely better than stiff poses and forced smiles of traditional family lineups.


Capture Their Interests


Teen interests are often fleeting. Yesterday your almost-adults dreamed of the fame of a world-recognized DJ, today they are into horses, and tomorrow they might want to become a YouTube celeb. Sounds familiar? You are not the only one in being a parent of a teen who wants to try it all. That’s ok. This is teen nature. Let them be themselves and discover the things they love doing. As a cool parent, you should support them and motivate to develop their skills. This includes encouraging your seniors to show off their talents at family photoshoots. Let them know that the camera doesn’t judge. Once they understand it, they should feel more comfortable to pose with the objects of their passion.


So, while your almost adults have a soft spot for sports, fashion, music, art, whatever, don’t miss your opportunity to capture it. Later, when looking at the pictures in the family photo album, you can recall all their fleeting hobbies. And if their dream to make it big comes true, you’ll have photo memories of their first steps.


Props in Family Photography to Show their Character


Not only do props aid the teens to feel at ease and naturally move around but also they emphasize their character. Objects that represent them help create the right impression, conduct their moods or ways of thinking. The very first photographs often featured things that showed a person’s interests, hobbies, or their walk of life. More than a hundred years later, this approach still works. You surely know what your kid is into but what about other viewers? If they know what your teenager likes, they will easier understand who he or she is. Props in family photography are of great help in this regard.




Props in Their Natural Environment


Taking pictures in the confines of a photo studio is not your only option. If your teenager feels uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place, think outside the box. Moving a set to a park, the stage of a school theater, or a stadium is not a problem if this helps them relax. Portraits made in his or her natural environment are more sincere and effortless. These photos show the life they live every day. If you step into their world and see it the way they do, it will surely benefit your parent-kid relationship. Photographs will come out candid, too. In the great outdoors, the ambiance becomes one big prop.





It’s Their Time to Shine


Props are an excellent idea for any type of photography with teens. Often, the most incredible photos come out when you let them have their private space. When being along with that important thing in their hands, they will shed the tension and let their passion show. So, make sure that every member of your squad has a little time for themselves during a family photo shoot.


If you want to have more pictures together as a family and, at the same time, you wish to bring out your individuality, you might want to consider matching props. For instance, if he is on the school football team, your family can put on their jerseys and fiddle with a ball. In this way, you’ll show your teenager that you care and get some pretty cool pictures for good measure.


Prop Up Indoor and On-Location Photoshoots


Props are a fun and easy way to step up your photographs. You can use anything as props in family photography, from sports gears and music instruments to your favorite outdoor spots. Although locations don’t really sound like a true prop, they really are. It is because any place has something to compliment your pictures. It can be driftwood found on a beach, a jalopy smothered with graffiti or an old bench on a school stadium. These seemingly little details add a taste of character to the pictures.




Props you choose for a photo session reveal who you are or who you want to be. They emphasize your traits and uniqueness. They speak for themselves and oftentimes, for yourself, too. So don’t be scared to show your individuality through things you truly love.


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