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If you have a sister – you’ll understand. It is a different type of a relationship, there is nothing you can compare to it. It is your best friend, mother, buddy, teacher and so much more in one person!

I wanted to celebrate sister love this summer – to honor my sister and all the sisters out there! You can see the first results of these beautiful sessions here and here. They are all about sister love. But this story is more special! I photographed those little cuties a while ago, when I was just starting out. I am not ashamed of sharing my early work 🙂


When I announced the sister love contest their response was one of the first ones. Here is the older sister’s entry (can you imagine, she is 14!!! And writes so beautifully!):

“Having a little sister is one of the greatest blessings in my life. It’s having a best friend with me at all times, someone who I know is always there for me!
When mom announced she was having a baby, I was only 5, but I clearly remember how happy I was. I never expected it would take that long to finally get to know her, nor did I expect that she would be coming in such a small size, but the minute she got home, I just loved her, and became the proud older sister, that bragged in front of friends about her cute, tiny, younger sibling. As years passed, we grew incredibly close, like two peas i
n a pod. Although she might not think like a 14 year old, neither act like one; Dani and I just understand each other. When I talk, she listens, when I try something new she supports, when I laughs she joins, and when I cry, she hugs…

Friends are great to have, they really are. But a good friend that will stay with you during the toughest times in life are hard to find. I am so lucky to have Dani. She is always there for me, and she is everything I could ever look for in a best friend. She’s loyal, kind and honest. She is fun, and… although we may have our fallouts sometimes, we always find our way back to each other!

I always wonder if I’m as a good of a sister to her as she is to me, I truly try… because I love her with all my heart! I hope our bond can continue to grow and strengthen throughout the years we’re together. I dream about growing old together recalling old memories from this beautiful childhood!”


Two sisters by Orlando Photographer, sibilings photography, girls Two sisters by Orlando Photographer, siblings photography, girls Two sisters by Orlando Photographer, siblings photography, girls  Family by Orlando Photographer, family photography

Two sisters by Orlando Photographer, siblings photography, girls

Romantic photo, couple photo by Orlando photographer


Of course we managed to photograph the whole beautiful family  as well!

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