Strong Woman Portrait: Stories Told Through the Art of Photography

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Strong Woman Portrait: Stories Told Through the Art of Photography


What is a strong woman? Is it some kind of a tomboy who looks like a guy and enjoys ‘men stuff”? Or is a bodybuilder or a sporty girl who is ‘faster, higher, stronger’ than any man? Maybe she is a superhero who kicks butts with both hands tied behind her back? The right answer is none of this. You may not recognize a strong woman in a crowd because nothing about her appearance gives her away. However, once you get to know her, you will see that something sets her apart from all the others. It was an honor to have one of these valiant females as my client and help her create her strong woman portrait. This beautiful lady comes out on top no matter what life throws her way. Without further ado, let me tell you a story about courage, femininity, and boundless love.

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Strong Women Among Us

To be a strong woman isn’t about physical strength. It is about being unbreakable on the inside. It is about a strong spirit, unswerving will, and a kind heart. This woman never repines and never stops even when she has to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her story is an inspiration to carry on no matter what and fight till the end. It proves once again that with some effort and determination, you can overcome every misfortune.

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Anita’s life is not carefree but you can definitely call her a happy woman. She had everything a woman could wish for – a nice place to live, a loving husband, and all those little joys of life. Unfortunately, one day a tragedy cast a dark shadow over her family idyll. Her husband Charles got into a horrible accident and needed a lot of care to recover. Anita devoted herself entirely to looking after Charles so that the day when he could get back on his feet would come sooner.


The couple even had to say goodbye to their city house and move to the rural area for the sake of rehabilitation. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining – Anita and Charles finally found peace and space they lacked so much in the urban environment. They even added two beautiful Doberman Pinchers to the family. And most importantly, these life-changing decisions did the trick – Anita got to see her husband strong and healthy again.


When the worst was over, Anita had every right to pat herself on the back and say ‘we made it.’ She did a great job of taking care of her loved one, and now she could finally reward herself with something nice and pleasant. As you probably guessed, she made herself a great gift – a photo session in my studio.


Anita’s Strong Woman Portrait Photoshoot

Anita’s photo session is a celebration of fortitude that triumphs over difficulties and challenges. There is always sunshine after the storm, and now that her life is filled with warmth and light again, Anita came to me to treat herself with beautiful pictures. Naturally, she was not going to celebrate alone, so her beloved husband and their two ‘babies’ kept her company. family photography, pet photography, portraits, orlando photography


Portraits of this strong woman capture her beauty and plug that didn’t die out under the weight of life circumstances. She bravely fought for the life and well-being of her husband, and she emerged victorious in the battle with fate itself. Now Anita and Charles can pose for my camera together and show that nothing can break their bond. Life tragedies made their family stronger tenfold. It’s all due to the unbending backbone Anita has in her fragile body.

Of course, a strong woman is not about stern expression or muscles made of steel. A strong woman is one who smiles despite the world treating her unfairly. Look at Anita’s radiant smile and her sparkling eyes and you will understand that this woman is made of sterner stuff. Anita doesn’t have to hold strength in her muscles but it’s nice to have someone who does. Vader and Vanity, two amazing brutes she has by her side, are the personification of brawn, agility, and boundless loyalty. They are always ready to stand up for their owner. But when they are not on the alert, we can come closer and admire their beauty and nobility.


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Get Your Own Strong Woman Portrait

I’m sure each of you has a lot to say about courage and overcoming. No matter how much we want it, our pathway is not always strewn with roses. Sometimes, we run into thorns. But don’t despair when life doesn’t go as planned. Getting into the millstones of fate, we get rid of superfluous and petty stuff. Instead, things that are really important come to the fore. Life circumstances expose our patience, volition, and fortitude. They shape our personality like the sharpest of tools. True, they may crush someone, but others will grow stronger like never before.

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If you, too, want to tell your story by the means of photography, don’t hesitate to call me, Tamara Knight, your professional Orlando photographer. I am sure that every woman deserves to celebrate her achievements, whether it is a successful career, the joy of motherhood, or development as a person. Don’t forget to take people you go hand in hand with through your life because they help you become better. It is these people for whom we perform our little feats. Pets are welcome, too! Being a strong woman means being proud of yourself, and it’s definitely worth celebrating in a creative way. Let’s create your strong woman portrait together!


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