The Sweetest Thing: A Couples Photoshoot Starring Kizzy & Nathan

couples-photoshoot-outside-bench | Tamara Knight Photography

I love doing a couples photoshoot.


Especially when they are scheduled just because! There are no distractions and the day usually goes by quickly. The mood is always great too. Inevitably, the couple comes into Tamara Knight Studios giddy, full of smiles and unable to keep their hands off of each other!

That was the story with this fun couple!


Whether a couple has been together 5 years or 50 years, you can always see true love through the lens of a camera.


couples-photoshoot-husband-hugs-wife | Tamara Knight Photography



couples-photoshoot-kizzy-gold-dress | Tamara Knight Photography


When Business Shoots Lead to Personal Shoots

Kizzy was first introduced to us as one of 5 participants of a magazine cover shoot for a local construction publication.  Read this blog post to see the results of that shoot.


The next time we met Kizzy was for her office headshot update event. Her company was ready to update their website. New head shots and a group image were in order! You can see the resulting fresh and new head shots on their website here!


A Fun Couples Photoshoot 

By the time she finally brings in her beloved Nathan for a special couples photoshoot, this was our 3rd time photographing Kizzy! Nathan got some updated head shots while he was in the studio as well.


Some of the details that make these images great are in the selection of wardrobe!


The lace detail on Kizzy’s sleeve, the gold dress with a subtle pattern that also shimmers, and the boat neck peach sweater were the perfect picks!


His velvety textured jacket and sharp lines in all the jackets made Nathan shine.


couples-photoshoot-nathan-headshot | Tamara Knight Photography





couples-photoshoot-nathan-casual | Tamara Knight Photography


These two are one of those aforementioned couples (giggly, hands all over each other, etc…) and it shows!



couples-photoshoot-burgundy-lace-dress | Tamara Knight Photography



couples-photoshoot-gold-jeans | Tamara Knight Photography


couples-photoshoot-sweet-embrace | Tamara Knight Photography


While we can only hope this beautiful couple ended up dancing the night away….this session ended up outside in one of the local gardens.


We love the mix of formal gowns and wild nature, don’t you?


couples-photoshoot-outside-bench | Tamara Knight Photography



couples-photoshoot-outside-tree | Tamara Knight Photography


They selected these images and more at their preview session!


They received a collection of photos in a keepsake folio box.


We couldn’t get enough of this cute couple so we had to include their image in our marketing material!




Professional hair and makeup is always included in the Tamara Knight Photography experience!

The fantastic Caroline Van Haastert [@makeupbycarolinevh] was the artist at this session.

See Caroline’s Portfolio here



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