Why a Generational Photo Session?

It is no secret that we now live in a world whereby all of us are living longer and longer. The positive of this means that we have much more time to spend together as a family. We can also treasure all the moments that we get to spend together. If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your family, then you might want to think about organizing a generational photo session. But why is this? What makes these photo sessions such a great idea?

What is a generational photo session?

The first thing that you may ask is what exactly is a generational photo session? As the name suggests, this is a family photo opportunity. You will bring various members of your nearest and dearest together to take some photos. The reason that it is known as a generational photo session is that you will often have different generations in the session. This could be grandparents, parents and their children, all coming together for the images. Maria contacted us with a wish to create something beautiful featuring her children and their families all together!

Generational photo shoots bring everyone together

When you have a big family, or you live apart, it can be really hard to bring everyone together for some quality time. Sometimes these family moments are limited to special occasions, which isn’t always ideal. The great thing about a generational photo session is that it gives your family the perfect excuse to come together. You will need to decide on a date that you can all do and get it put in the calendar. This will make sure that no matter what you all have going on, you can spend some quality time together.

They create a beautiful keepsake

Another huge benefit of organizing one of these family photoshoots is that they create a special keepsake that you can treasure. You can order a whole variety of different images from the photo session and decide which ones you like the most. These can then be framed and displayed with pride. You can also make sure that the older generations get a copy of the photos too. They can have a memory of their time with the rest of their family, which is something that they can treasure.

Beautiful Maria and her wonderful family decided to keep all the photos together in a handcrafted photo album.

It is something to remember forever

As we have already mentioned, a photoshoot gives you something to keep forever. However, we just want to emphasize this point: we don’t know how long every member of our family is going to be with us. So, if you have the chance to come together and have some photos taken, this is something that you should never turn down. None of us know what is just around the corner and whether we would end up regretting not having the photos whilst we still could.

They are great fun

Above everything else, one of the best things about a generational photoshoot is that they are great fun. It’s a chance for the entire family to come together and smile, to laugh and to just have some fun. Best of all, those beautifully natural moments of laughter and smiling, they are going to be captured on camera too.

They make for great gifts and fun cards too

We love the idea of being able to gift a generational photo shoot to someone you care about. However, this isn’t the only use for them. Generational photo shoots are also ideal for making holiday cards, such as those that you send out during Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are not only fun, but they are also personal too. Best of all, you can update those people that you are sending them to with how the younger members of the family are growing and changing.

Now you know why it is incredibly valuable for you and your family to have a generation photoshoot, why not book one in? We can promise you that it is something that will bring you closer as a family. It is also something that you will all remember for years to come. Not only thanks to the memories, but also thanks to the fantastic pictures that you will be left with at the end too.

If you are looking for an experienced family photographer in Orlando, then look no further, get in touch and see what I could offer you and your family. No matter how many generations there are, with my help I can take a snapshot of your family as it stands and help you to remember it for many years to come.



The artist at this session was the fantastic Caroline Van Haastert



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