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Our Winter Vacation, Part 1

This year our winter vacation was long. A little too long, if you ask me 😛 It was just under 20 days, 4 cities, lots of events which included a wedding, a double birthday, a New years celebration and a lot more! Oh yes, 9 suite cases… 9!!! Imagine the laundry which had to be done afterwards!

I will share some of the highlights from the first part – New Orleans 🙂

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Love them!!!!

visit for moreEnjoying the weather and her new present – Nook!!! Perfect present for the biggest reader I know!

visit for moreI took a couple of photos from the wedding of our nephew and his beautiful bride! It was a gorgeous wedding, the venue to die for! Too bad I don’t do weddings anymore 😛

visit for moreNo, really… he caught the garter! With some help, of course 😛

visit for moreIt is not a good wedding if someone doesn’t cry 🙂

visit for moreOh yeah… Guess what they are doing? Watching the Saints game!!!!

visit for more visit for more visit for moreThey had such a great time – sorting out the quarters per state.

visit for more visit for moreFind three Knights 🙂 Everyone is doing their favorite thing. Including me! Onto our next destination!






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Our Winter Vacation, Part 1