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New Studio + Old Photos = Katie Needs a Professional Photographer

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Laura J. Shows Off Her Divas Bra Straps {Orlando Photographer}

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How to find best Orlando photographers

Best Orlando photographers - family, beauty, maternity & newborn photographer. Get free quote today!

Tamara Knight is a certified award winning professional photographer in Orlando, Florida.

Tamara Knight Photography specializes in headshot photography, beauty and family photography in the greater Orlando area. Our Orlando photography studio guarantees that your beauty portraits will be timeless and glamorous. Included with our photography session is professional hair and makeup service, so you will look like you, only better! Tamara insists that headshots don’t have to be boring! If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, you have found the best headshot photographer in Orlando. Among the many Orlando Photographers, Tamara Knight consistently ranks among the best for family photography for her ability to capture the true essence and individuality of every family.


6 Tips for Finding the Best Photographer in Orlando

Do you know what to look for in a real professional photographer's portfolio? Finding photographers in Orlando isn’t a hard task, there are so many! But finding amazing photographers in Orlando that will deliver what they promised might be a more difficult mission.

Your Orlando Photographer has some tips to get you started on the road to finding your perfect match.

Photographers in Orlando have to be very skilled with light usage. Look for photos that show that they can use both natural light and a flash. Because photographers in Orlando experience such intense extremes- from full blaring sun, to gray overcast skies, it's important to have the skills for both.

Look for odd shadows all over the image and on the faces especially. Good photographers in Orlando know how to pose subjects to the light of the sun outside.
Look for "flash effect" in images. You'll see this in mostly sunset shots. Do you see a ring of light around the subject and the background dark? This means they hit the subject with too much flash. They don't know how to use a flash.

Photographers in Orlando can be quite creative and trendy. However there can be too much of a good thing. Make sure that your photographer’s style is also timeless!
An example of one of these trends is the sun flare. It was a mood tool for fashion photographers in magazine shoots. It's when the photographer aims the camera towards the sun and you see very bright areas in most of the image. For portrait sessions and for heirloom prints, we do want to see your beautiful face. Not just a blurred reflection or distortion of it. Learn more about what is photography.

Flat light is not flattering! Is there shadow AND highlight on the subject's face? It's more flattering to the subject to have both. It creates dimension in the photograph. It takes skill for photographers in Orlando to accomplish it.

The geometry of poses is important! Are the subjects turned to a 45 degree angle to the camera? Straight to the camera makes subjects their biggest. A good photographer will turn people to an angle but not sideways. Most photographers in Orlando have this down to a science, but make sure!

Orlando Photographers who specialize in family photography are lucky because Orlando is a great family town. Families are constantly moving here. It is a great place to raise kids! What does this mean for Orlando photographers? We have lots of fun loving and unique families in our area that want historical proof that Mom and Dad were fun and the kids were cute!

References matter! These days, most photographers in Orlando have a Facebook and Google presence so it’s easier than ever to check reviews. Make sure to order them by recent date. Things happen in life and in business, and if there was a problem, the proprietor may have corrected it. And vice versa- an old review might not reflect recent slips in the customer service department!

Orlando photographers

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Personality of your photographer is key! Can you relax with this person? Are they easy to communicate with? These are things you should be able to answer very early in your interaction while interviewing photographers in Orlando. They matter to the results of your images. If you are stiff and uncomfortable with the person behind the camera, it will show on your face! Contact us today for a FREE Consultation.Photographer in Orlando