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Orlando Photographer

We hold your hand through the entire process

In Home Consultation

Enjoy your consultation at your home or at our studio. We will explain all details of the photo session and process.

Session Plus Makeup

No need to worry about your makeup. Your makeup with the top makeup artist will be included into your session.

Ordering Appointment

Once your photo session is done, you will have an appointment to review the photos and choose the best.

Wall Art Installation

If you would like to order some prints for wall art, we will provide the best possible layouts and options for you.


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From coming to my house to help me choose complete outfits, including jewelry, to the session where she made me feel like I really could be photogenic, to the personal delivery of my album, Tamara was like a BFF.

Kathleen Jezierski

Friends and family know I don’t like having my picture taken….I don’t photograph well but in Tamara’s gifted hands it was not only fun and relaxing but the results have far exceeded my expectations. Tamara’s incredibly beautiful images are a treasure (the ones of my husband and I bring tears to my eyes).

Kathy Skees

I had no idea what to expect, Tamara made it comfortable immediately. It is like a luxury experience – she greets you with warmth and friendliness (and food and drinks!). The whole experience was fun and productive.

Tracy Sher

Photographer Orlando

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Orlando Photographer

Tamara Knight is an award-winning photographer based in Orlando, FL. She specializes in many different aspects of photography from beauty to family to headshots. After transitioning to a career in photography after years as a graphic designer, she has quickly become a high demand luxury photographer of Orlando!

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The career that she has built as a versatile photographer in Orlando is growing thanks to the many loyal followers she has amassed! Tamara’s list of repeat clients and delighted fans is long. It is no wonder that Tamara quickly becomes the “family photographer” for many of our clients as the kids grow and change.

The Tamara Knight Experience is one that clients have described as the “best time of my life” and “an experience I will never forget from start to finish”. Her commitment to detail and perfection shine through in everything she produces. The ultimate goal of Tamara Knight Photography is to deliver an heirloom art piece for your family to cherish for years to come. Whether it is framed canvas, digital painting or a Tamara Knight Photography custom painted portrait, we want you to have an impressive piece that makes you smile.

Tamara is one of few photographers Orlando has that owns and operates her own studio. A photography studio is a benefit for so many reasons, especially in Central Florida. From the weather to the intense sun, having control of the environment is a must. The Tamara Knight Photography Studios are in beautiful downtown Oviedo, Florida. Oviedo is known for hosting a free-roaming rooster population! Our location is easily accessible from anywhere in Orlando. We have ample parking and there are always plenty of rooster sightings!

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of photographers Orlando attracts to the area. Tamara Knight does work in several genres of photography. She is a one-stop shop!

Family Photographer in Orlando

Family photography is one of her favorites. Raising kids goes by quickly. Capturing the joy of families is fun! Chasing after children and getting an amazing shot for Mom and Dad to treasure is one of Tamara’s passions! Beauty photography in Orlando is full of great opportunities. Southern women are diverse and beautiful. Not to mention they have personalities as big as Texas! One of Tamara’s favorite things is delivering a great beauty or boudoir image for a woman who has forgotten how beautiful she is.

Headshots Photographer

She is not the only photographer Orlando offers that does headshots, but she is the by far one of the best at capturing the essence of you. Having a headshot that stands out is critical to success as an actor or actress in this town. The entertainment industry is thriving in Central Florida thanks to companies like Disney and Universal.

Orlando is also hosting to many corporate headquarters, making this a very upwardly mobile town. Tamara Knight Photography hosts custom corporate headshot events making it easy to streamline your company’s executive headshots.

Personal Brand Photographer

Personal Branding sessions are another service that we offer in this business start-up hotspot! From high-tech businesses to lowbrow blogs, anyone looking to build their personal brand needs amazing photos to work with. Producing naturally beautiful, powerful marketing images is critical to upgrading your digital presence.

Personal Branding sessions are custom built to deliver the images you need for websites, business cards, and social media. Clients have used images from these sessions for book jackets, Amazon stores, and speaking engagements.
We have many Orlando clients that in constant need for a couple of new headshots with a quick turnaround. These include people from industries such as real estate, law, and engineering. For these clients, Tamara Knight Photography offers once monthly headshot mini sessions!

On a day convenient for the studio, we schedule a full day of appointments. Clients are in attendance for about 2 hours. During this time, hair and makeup are applied, the photos are taken and the client gets to select their favorite 2 images. The images are delivered digitally within 3-5 business days.

Fine Art – Commissions

Tamara Knight Photography has the only photographer Orlando produces that takes commissions for fine art pieces of your family! These one-of-a-kind portraits star you and your family making them heirlooms for generations. Tamara finds artistic inspiration from one (or several) of the images from the session. She then enhances them with various mixed media applications for a textured 3D look and feel. These pieces are impressive!

In an effort to not be the only successful female photographer Orlando can boast about, Tamara supports up and coming businesswomen, photographer or not!

There are a number of factors to consider while deciding on a professional photographer. So ensure your photographer is in love and passionate about the profession.  You are creating memories of your family for a lifetime. So you would like to choose the best professional for your photo session.

She speaks on women’s conference panels and regularly sponsors local women’s empowerment events. Sharing the secrets of her success with young women is an honor for Tamara who will usually just chalk everything up to hard work and dedication! Mentoring young students is important to her as well. The Tamara Knight Photography studio is no stranger to a group of young photography students beginning their careers as an artisan!

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Author: Orlando Photographers |  Date Updated: February 27, 2019

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