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Family Photos With Small Kids – the Charm of a Frozen Moment

family photos with boys and a girl orlando photography

There are moments in the life of every family that deserve to be remembered. Most of these moments involve our spontaneous, touching, and sincere children. They quickly comprehend the world, learn to be sympathetic, and want to be just like their parents. The happy moments of childhood are worth being carefully preserved in memory. However, our memory is an unreliable thing. It will inevitably fade with time… but photographs are a totally different story. Heartwarming pictures can become a real historical heritage of your clan and all future generations. Family photos with small kids are a must if you want to carry the memories of a fleeting moment throughout your entire life.


A Recipe for Great Family with Kids Portraits


A family portrait is the most beautiful and touching type of photography. But to portray your bunch at its best, you need a photographer who knows their stuff. Kids are so restless and energetic, so taking pictures requires creative thinking. Fortunately, vast experience in family photography helps me win over kids and get their attention. Just a little bit of effort you’re your reward is lively, vibrant, and natural photos to remind you of the happiest moments of the past.


My task as a family photographer is to engage kids and loosen them up.

If children are very young, they don’t want to sit still and stare at the camera minutes on end. As walking bundles of energy, they want to run, jump, and have fun. Why not make use of their restlessness? For example, instead of line-ups and stiff poses, you can play and fool around. And while enjoying yourself, your photographer will circle around trying to capture as many smiles as possible.


Just take a look at this family with three little kids. No one is looking straight to the camera but the picture is bristling with laughter and happiness. Seeing the interaction between parents and little kids is priceless, and this is the holy grail of every photographer. And when everyone is ready for something more serious, we can come down to the classic of family photos with small kids – fine art portraits.


Family Photos with Small Kids in a Studio


To make your kids feel comfortable in a photo studio, don’t hesitate to take them with you to a photography consultation if it happens in the studio.  Or have them at home during the in-home consultation.. This conversation is also helpful for me as it allows choosing the right props, setting up lighting, and preparing my photo studio for the upcoming event. When we are on the same page, you’ll absolutely love your photo experience. And little masterpieces of family photography are going to be the cherries on the cake.


Why include children to the consultation, you may ask?

It’s simple – while adults are talking, kids can walk and look around the studio. Often, when they are in a new place, they feel frightened and uneasy. But if they already know what’s what, you don’t have to worry about anything. When in a few days you return to get your family photos with small kids, they are going to feel like home. Plus, they will already know their photographer. Instead of a stranger who dazzles them with flashlights, they will see a familiar face of friendly Auntie Tamara. Then taking pictures won’t be scary at all.


Pictures With Growing-Up Kids


If you have older kids, they are welcome to take an active part in the discussion of your upcoming photo session. They probably have their own ideas and wishes, and taking them into account is a guarantee that they don’t die of boredom. Hearing the voice of every family member is especially important when you are a happy parent of a large squad. Imagine that kids start acting up and turning away from the camera… what a nightmare.  Therefore, a joint photo session is also about finding a compromise between all family members.

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Being a single mom of three kids is the art of finding a balance between all the wants and needs. This goes for photoshoots, too. This family of four had never been to a professional photo session before, and mom decided it was about time. She wanted to capture a happy time with her fast-growing fidgets and memorialize them the way they are now. The children were delighted with this idea and willingly posed for my camera. When little models love what they do, time in a studio flies by. The result is adorable family photos liked by both adults and children.


Outdoor Family Photoshoots

family photos with kids orlando photography

Studio portraits aren’t the only option you have. If you feel that being in the lap of nature is in your element, then taking your photo session outside will benefit everyone. Kids will have more space to fool around and play and this is the key to natural fun-filled shots. The beauty of outdoor photography is that you can choose any location be it a seaside, garden, country club, farm, etc. You can even let the kids decide where to go.


Bond with nature, soft natural light, and the freedom to do whatever you and your little ones want are three reasons why on-location family photos with small kids radiate a special charm.


Entrust Your Family Portraits to Professionals


Children are endless joy and an unlimited source of inspiration for adults. These cute and restless creatures grow up so quickly. Therefore, capturing every stage of their life is the sacred duty of every parent. Family photography filled with happiness and touching magic is a task that only a professional photographer can handle. If you are reading these lines, then you have already found one. A family and kids photoshoot with me is the widest grins, good mood, and keepsake-worthy photographs. They are the result of immense experience and understanding of what children and their parents want.

family photos with small kids orlando photography

Don’t let yourself forget what your kids looked like when they were little. Photography is the best way to keep your memories alive. The willingness to spend a few wonderful hours with my camera watching – it’s on you, and the rest is my concern.


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