Fifty and Fabulous Photography – Celebrating Ageless Beauty


Fifty and Fabulous Photography – Celebrating Ageless Beauty


Finding a spot-on gift for your golden jubilee is easier than you think. Fifty and fabulous photography is a present that honors your never-fading beauty and helps you discover yourself in an unexpected way. With pictures capturing you in all your glory, you’ll feel like a million dollars.


The 50s Are the New 30s! Life Has Just Started


Many years ago, people who reached their 50s were believed to be ancient antiquity. Luckily, those days are long gone. Today, many women just start living their lives at this golden age. They have already sent their kids to college and achieved a lot in their careers. Yet, they are still active and ready for new adventures. It is at this age that they can reinvent themselves to be the woman they always wanted to be.


It is in a woman’s nature to put others first. She raised kids, was a prop for her husband, helped parents … but had so little time for herself. Well, this new milestone is a chance to get some break from chores and live your life to the fullest. Is there a better way to celebrate the triumph of your beauty and freedom than nice photographs?

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A photo session for your birthday is an incredible gift. I dare to say, it is a life-changing experience. Many women crossing the threshold of maturity cease to perceive themselves as desirable, feminine, and pretty. However, photographs revealing you as a sensual and tender lady can turn your perception of yourself upside down. They will show you and anyone casting a glance at your photos how gorgeous and mesmerizing you really are.


Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen. But it all begins with you. Indulge yourself with a precious gift of fifty and fabulous photography and let the whole world to know you’re still hot stuff.


Lorraine’s Birthday Photoshoot


For her 50 anniversary, Lorraine’s desired to celebrate this new stage of her life and capture her beauty honed by years to perfection. She started preparing for a photoshoot almost a year in advance to have enough time to think through every detail. As the special day approached, she realized that she wanted to be treated like a celebrity, like a star walking down a red carpet. Her look should be flawless including professional make-up, hair, and stunning outfits. All her wishes were granted!

woman in black dress with one hand to face


Curiously enough, her desire to take a make-up artist on board for the session resulted in an encounter with an old friend. It turned out that Evelisse, one of the best makeup artists I know and always recommend to my clients, has already worked with Lorraine. They met two decades ago when Lorraine tried herself as a model in photography courses. After so many years, a happy coincidence brought them together again in my photo studio.


Lorraine knew exactly what she wanted and how to make her wish for spectacular photos come true. I won’t lie if I say that as a model, she is extraordinary. During her modeling days, she learned how to pose and show off her best sides. You can definitely see those skills in her photographs. She wanted to show every facet of her personality and to do so, she tried on several looks. From business to romantic and seductive, this incredible woman transformed her image with every change of a dress courtesy of By the end of the photoshoot, we got hundreds of gorgeous photos, each could adorn the cover of a fashion magazine.

beauty closeup of woman with hands on face

Indulge Yourself with Fifty and Fabulous Photography


As the final touch to her Fifty and Fabulous photoshoot, Lorraine got one of her photos printed onto canvas. Unlike most ladies who prefer portraits, this woman chose a more creative approach. The close-up she picked shows her smiling, gently tilting her head, and coquettishly covering her face. Feminine and seductive, this is the woman captured in this picture.

woman leaning on wall


Just like Lorraine, you too can make yourself a remarkable present. It doesn’t even matter if you celebrate a golden jubilee or not. Who said that we can pamper ourselves only when we’re having a birthday? Every day is a good day to remind us how stunningly beautiful we are. Pictures highlighting your best features and exposing your boldest self are worth their weight in gold. They help even the timidest woman feel comfortable in her skin. Celebration of your inner harmony, beautiful body, and forever young soul is always a good call!


Women Are Like Fine Wine


Women don’t lose their charm with age. On the contrary, years add new exciting features to their personality. They become peaceful and tranquil, wiser and more judicious. This wisdom may leave its imprint on your face and add some winter-ish colors to your hair but your beauty doesn’t go anywhere. It just transforms together with you. When in front of a mirror, look beyond your wrinkles and gray hair. You will see a stunning woman with a radiant smile and a posture of a queen. Age makes us better. It makes us even more gorgeous because our beauty shines strong from within like never before.

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Photographs taken after you turned fifty boasts special magnetism. You know that you look amazing, you are in great shape, and you deserve to celebrate it! Whatever your desire for fifty and fabulous photography – lovely family portraits or risqué boudoir shots – you’ll be the star of the night. Such photos will surely give you a great boost of confidence. And at the same time, they will reveal you to the world as a person who lives in complete harmony with himself. Prove to everyone around that age is just a number. If you are young at heart, years will only make you better, just like fine wine.



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