Generational Portrait to Illustrate the Family History


The most valuable thing in the life of any person is their family. We cherish each moment when the whole bunch gathers at the same place, at the same time. Family celebrations, bonding events or joint activities are the things that make families an organic whole. They help strengthen the connection and enhance the sense of belonging. A generational portrait is one of many occasions to get together and capture the family unit. Such pictures are real treasures as they allow us to preserve the memories of people, who, unfortunately, won’t be with us forever.


Generational portraits are, as it were, a family tree. The more “branches” this tree has, the more beautiful and strong it becomes. If you get to capture your extended family in all its glory, you’re a lucky person. Sadly, not so many of us have photographs of our grandparents or more ancient lineage. One day the fond reminiscences of our elder relatives may simply disappear. Forgetting your family is like losing a piece of your legacy. Don’t let these precious moments fade into oblivion. If you don’t yet have family photographs, call your parents, grandparents, and the older generations of your family, and create joyful memories that won’t be erased with time.


Dawn, Lauren, and Adrienne Generational Portrait

generational portrait of grandmother daughter granddaughter in black



Wishing to capture their special moment, this family of three amazing women visited my photo studio in Orlando. As a closely-knit and happy family, they adore spending time together and going on thrilling adventures. Now, each of these ladies is living one of the most exciting moments of their lives. What they wanted was to put it on a pause and harbor this vibrant feeling. Well, this is what family photography is for.


Lauren, the 19-year-old, is an artist with a sweet rebellious nature preparing to become a college student. Soon she will fly the nest and begin her wonderful independent life full of new discoveries.


teenage girl laying on tullle



Dawn, her mother, with bated breath watches her transformation from a little girl to a beautiful young lady. She is so excited that Lauren begins a new stage of her life. At the same time, she is a little sad because she won’t be seeing her every day anymore. However, she has no reason to lose heart. As a newly divorced beauty, she lives the way she has always dreamed of. She is comfortable in her own skin, she is at peace with herself and the world around, and she wants to remember the moment when she felt the most beautiful.


woman laying on tulle


Adrienne, Dawn’s mom, and Lauren’s grandmother is not a typical granny. Just look at her radiant look and charming smile, who would have thought that such a young woman has an adult granddaughter. She is surely glad that Lauren is ready to conquer the world. However, she has something to boast about, too. Soon, Adrienne is getting married and she can’t wait to tie the knot with her loved one.


grandmother laying on tulle laughing behind one hand


Being on the verge of a new life and all its joys, Dawn, Lauren, and Adrienne felt they needed something to soak in the moment of delightful anticipation. And this something was as a family generational portrait photoshoot.


generational portrait of grandmother daughter granddaughter laying on tulle


Why Everyone of Us Should Have Professional Family Photos


Every family is unique. Writing its story is an adventure steeped in fun and fever pitch. Today, everyone can add a chapter or two by taking pictures featuring our dearest and nearest. It is so easy when a smartphone is at hand. However, the fast snap era made photos somewhat disposable. We take them, post them, get some likes, and we forget about them. It seems like these photographs fail to stand the test of time. Photos are important but only when we put our heart and soul in them, they turn into everlasting memories.


Professional generational portraits are more than quick snaps. They are visual tales of your family. They are something you will be proud to hang on the wall or pass on to your kids, their children, and their descendants. These photos are priceless family heirlooms because warm memories are worth all the treasures in the world.

mother and adult daughter in black


Multi-generation photography lets you freeze this wonderful moment and ensure that the story of your family is told from a fresh perspective. Each member of your clan is a piece of a puzzle, and when you all together, you see the whole picture as clear as ever. Let your moms and dads, grannies and grandpas, your kids and favorite aunt make the story complete.


Here, at Tamara Knight’s photo studio, I make sure each member of your family feels important and loved. I go the extra mile to show how much you all have in common and, at the same time, highlight your individuality. Yes, a professional generational portrait takes a bit of effort but the reward is worth it. Together, we can create touching moments that will go down in the history of your dynasty.

headshot of woman in red jacket sitting on gray chair



beauty photo of teenage girl in tight dress


Illustrate the Evolution of Your Family


Generation photography is an excellent way to document family milestones such as birthdays, jubilees, weddings, graduations, etc. Along with that, you don’t really need a special occasion to assemble your squad and do something memorable together. After all, your family matters at all times and not only on red-letter days. So, why don’t you give yourself the luxury to be around the ones you love and be caught doing something amusing together?


generational portrait of grandmother daughter granddaughter in black laughing


The beauty of extended family photoshoots is that you can choose from a multitude of great ideas. And if you can come up with something fresh and unique, it is even better. Whether you’re thinking of taking the same shot every year or feeling that a more creative approach will best resonate with your bunch, I am here to help bring your daring ideas into life. In the privacy of my cozy Orlando photo studio, outdoors, or at any appealing location, we can create amazing photo memories to constitute your family chronicles.


Are you ready to update your family gallery?


A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.


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