How to Get your Husband (Boyfriend) to Participate in the Photo Session {by Orlando Photographer Tamara Knight Photography}

I am sure every Orlando photographer came across this problem. ‘My man doesn’t want to be a part of the photo session.’

Disclaimer: None of the photos below are actually of the men who did not want to participate. They all were very happy to be there. 🙂

You really-really-really want to have a photo session and your guy is not having any of it. He will give you tons of excuses why he doesn’t want to be in front of the camera: I am not photogenic, I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera; Why do you need photos of me? I am always next to you; I don’t know how to pose, I will look odd… (and many-many more!)

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I can give you some pointers on how to make your life easier and hopefully to get your significant other to participate in the session.  All my fellow Orlando photographers (or any photographers in this case ;-)- share your tips if I missed any.  All we need to accomplish is for him to come with you, leave the rest up to me 🙂

1. Ask his to do it as a favor for you. Tell him how happy it will make you to have these photos which you’ll treasure for life! Tell him that he only needs to show up and then he can be in the photos as much or as little as he wants to. 2 photos maybe is not too much to ask for? 😉


2. Promise that you’ll return the favor. You can ask him what he’d like in exchange or if you know what he really wants – just do it and he’s heart will melt.

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3. If you include him into preparation for the session –  it might be helpful. Or might have the opposite effect. Only you can know how your man will react to it. If you have children – ask him to pick your kids favorite toys to bring to the session. If it is a stylized shoot – ask him to make some of the props with the children, make it his project!

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4. The best for the last: tell him to bring a small cooler with some snacks and maybe a beer? Works like a charm! Or you can arrange a nice dinner in his favorite restaurant right after – you are all dressed up for the session – don’t let it be wasted!

Family photo shoot in Orlando. Family photography. Family of four. Orlando photographers

I have had so many comments after the session, that the man was not excited to be there, did not want to participate at all. And when the session was over, he was the one who was actually not ready yet to be done 😉 He was enjoying it!

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Good luck, girls, we all need it in the subject matter! 😉 Please share if you have any tips which I didn’t mention and if you have a true story about the subject matter. I know I do about my own shot, but I’ll leave for another blog post 😛

UPD. from a couple of anonymous readers:

5. Never ever surprise him with: Baby, we are having a photo session tonight, you are coming AND here is the bill! Cute smile doesn’t help here at all! He needs to know in advance that the session is going to take place! And is he is paying – he needs to know how much. It is only fair 🙂

6. Have a quiet evening looking through his family photo albums. Point out how happy you are that he has there photos of his parents, or his family captured in photographs for you and him (and your children if you have them) to cherish forever. Those moments will not be back, but you have the memories. We all need to exist in photographs for us, for our future generations. Only then bring up a subject about you wanting a photo session.

Disclaimer: None of the photos above are actually of the men who did not want to participate. They all were very happy to be there. 🙂



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