Significance of a Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is the best time in the life of every woman. When the baby bump grows and you can no longer hide it under the clothes, you’ll feel like a totally new person. It is such a rush to realize the transformation you’re going through and the excitement of carrying a new life within. These are the memories you’ll cherish forever. To press a pause, slow down the time, and capture the happy moment – this is the significance of a maternity photoshoot!

Professional vs Amateur Maternity Photoshoot

Surely, the fond memories of your pregnancy will last across the years. However, some details may fade away or disappear. If you want to preserve every second of you in the family way, you cannot rely only on your memory. Why not immortalize these moments in a photograph?

For many soon-to-be mothers, it becomes a real dilemma whether to turn to a professional photographer for a pregnancy photoshoot or to do everything on their own. Some women prefer to take as many selfies as possible capturing all the changes in their appearance. Others are sure that their partners can push the camera buttons as good as expensive photographers.

Perhaps Erica and Louis, who were expecting their second baby, faced the same dilemma. A few years ago, when Erica had been carrying her lovely daughter, her husband set foot on the uncharted territory of pregnancy photography. Louis, as an AMAZING bird photographer, does know how to handle a camera. I am sure that the dad-to-be filled the pictures with love and admiration for his gorgeous wife and their little one. Yet, for the second pregnancy, the couple chose me as their photographer, and I couldn’t let them down.


Maternity Photoshoots Give New Perspectives

No doubt, a loving man sees his better half as the most stunning woman in the world. His photographs are an ode to her femininity, sensuality, and grace. Many ladies are sure that their man knows best and trusts him unconditionally. But who said that there cannot be two different but, in their way, beautiful points of view? Each photographer is an artist who sees the world through the prism of his or her camera. Their vision is unique. When you trust a person behind a camera and let your hair down, you may discover a lot of new and exciting things about yourself.

A photographer can catch some details that have never been in the focus of your attention. A photo artist, like no other, is able to capture the chemistry between the two loving hearts. A professional can offer a fresh vision and new perspectives that further emphasize the beauty of an expectant woman. In the end, a maternity photo session is an opportunity to capture the whole family together in anticipation of a miracle.


Family Involvement Within Photoshoots

Surprisingly but many couples forget that pregnancy involves not only moms-to-be and babies but also dads-to-be.

When spouses are expecting, all the attention is on the woman. But we forget that these 9 months are bristling with a thrill for family men, too. Photo sessions that gather together the entire family, a mom, dad, and older children, are filled with the most sincere feelings and emotions. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest.

Maternity photoshoots featuring the entire family ooze the delight and happiness of parents-to-be. Gentle hugs, kisses, happy smiles – let dads, too, show how excited they are in anticipation of a new family member.

Start the Family Chronicle with a Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy photography can give a great start to a family photo album. Along with the first days of your baby in our world and its first steps, pregnancy is an important milestone in your family’s life.

When our babies grow up, they ask the trickiest question “where did I come from?” You can tell your kids the story about a stork or a cabbage leaf. Or just show them a picture of you with a tummy and explain that they used to live there.

Let your baby, when it grows up, find out what his mom and dad were like when they were expecting and how they were looking forward to meeting a new family member. Do not deprive your sons and daughters of a chance to see the whole story of their lives. With a maternity photoshoot, you can show your kids their very first days when they weren’t yet born but have already become part of this wonderful world.

New Impressions

A professional maternity photo session is a real adventure. It all starts long before the event: you discuss the concept of the shoot, choose outfits, and come up with accessories. When on the set, things don’t get less exciting. You plunge into the creative process of taking pics, get to work with a stylist and make-up artist, make new friends, and have a whale of a time. We all need new impressions sometimes so don’t deny yourself the pleasure to steal the show!


Feel like a Queen

It’s no secret that pregnancy makes a lot of women feel less attractive. Almost every lady with a bun in the oven gets upset because of extra weight, swelling, and stretch marks. A family maternity photo session is a remedy against distress! Looking at her picture, a mom-to-be will realize how beautiful she really is. Pregnancy is a stage of every woman’s life when she becomes even more feminine and desired. A professional photographer will help you choose the right postures and set the light to emphasize the harmony and beauty of your body.

With pregnancy photography, you can look at yourself from a different perspective. You will notice what others see you – a peaceful, smiling, a happy woman anticipating a miracle.

Professional hair and makeup are always included in the Tamara Knight Photography experience!

The fantastic Caroline Van Haastert [@makeupbycarolinevh] was the artist at this session.

See Caroline’s Portfolio here


Are you in the middle of a special but fleeting time of your life?

A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.

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