Something Old…Something New…

When I look back to the times when I just started my photography business I am so grateful to my first clients who gave me the courage and a push to continue working on my skills and improving. This is one of my very first official paying shoots. Yes, it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect. Way far. But I still see things that are very genuine and true to my heart even now. It is very nerve-wracking to share this shoot with the world, but because these beautiful people trusted me with their photos I became who I am now. This family is truly beautiful, I wish back then I was a bit more organized to keep their e-mail address 🙂 I’d love to create new memories with them in my new (compared to 2008) signature Tamara Knight Photography style 🙂

IMG_1web IMG_28web IMG_30web IMG_45web

If something is very dear to our heart, we usually apply all our passion to the subject. When I discovered photography I changed. Since that moment I have never looked at the things around me in the same old way. It felt like I had a camera lens glued to my eye from then on! Every free minute I had – I practiced my photography skills. It almost has been almost 5 years (yes, I had to actually look at the date of this photograph to count the years correctly. For some reason it seems much longer than 5 years!!!)

During this 5 years so many things have changed for the better: studying hard, going to workshops to polish my skills, always learning something new, becoming a true professional photographer and actually quitting my day job very-very soon to 100% concentrate on my photography business, already gave my notice!

So now just to compare how far I came here are some of my recent photo shoots:-) Tamara _Knight_Photography Tamara _Knight_Photography Tamara _Knight_Photography Tamara _Knight_Photography Tamara Tamara _Knight_PhotographyGirls-47 Tamara _Knight_Photography

Ok, I must stop now, I have way too many favorites from my recent family shoots!!!

I am in the process of rewriting my collections, they’ll include more and will have better options for everyone. And I do have exciting news below…

As a ‘thank you’ to you, all my loyal clients and followers, here is my offer which will expire in 1 week (October 20th): if you book your future shoot for 2014 now you’ll get to keep the current 2013 prices for that particular shoot (30% down payment is required). Please e-mail me to with the headline: Tamara Knight Photography savings in 2014.  And to the first 5 people who send an e-mail to with a headline: Tamara Knight Photography: 5 years! will get $100 toward the print credit to any of the upcoming shoots. Let’s celebrate together! 🙂 More exciting offers will come your way in 2013.

Thank you all, I am looking forward to serving you in 2014 with a new status of a professional photographer only, with no other work title! Can’t wait!



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