Your Orlando Photographer’s Thoughts on the Subject of Contemporary Glamour Photography…Trend or History?

Your Orlando Photographer's Thoughts on the Subject of Contemporary Glamour Photography...Trend or History? 2

What Is Contemporary Glamour Photography…Trend or History? Here is what your Orlando photographer thinks…

We all remember the soft glow, diffused images of overly made-up ladies in boas circa 1980’s. Maybe you even have a few hidden under your bed or locked in a safety deposit box! Even to say the name Glamour Shots takes this Orlando photographer back to my teenage years when everybody wanted to do one! Well…..they’re baaaack! These sessions are becoming very popular in the photography industry but I have been shooting them for years.


Before and after, Beautiful woman by Tamara Knight Photography, modern beauty photographer, hair and makeup, Orlando photographer, Orlando beauty




Beautiful woman in contemporary glamour photo by Orlando Photographer



Beauty glamour portrait by Orlando beauty photographer




Sexy Beauty portrait by Orlando beauty photographer


However, contemporary glamour images are now very much like what you would you would see in fashion magazines. Complete with an updated, contemporary hair and makeup application, high-class wardrobe and posing to suit any body type, every woman that leaves this Orlando photographer’s  studio wants a gallery sized canvas portrait of her picturesque image.

Having a contemporary glamour portrait sessions done for yourself is about affirmation, not transformation. It is about coming to terms with the life we have, working with the body we’ve been given and living our best life. Then and only then will the brave, beautiful, and authentic you be revealed.


Orlando modern headshots, including hair and makeup, done by your Orlando Headshot Photographer


Beautiful portrait of a beautiful young woman by a modern beauty photographer, hair and makeup, Orlando photographer, Orlando beauty


Beautiful portrait of a stunning young blond woman by a modern beauty photographer, hair and makeup, Orlando photographer, Orlando beauty


I’ll photograph you in whatever you bring in.  I want you to wear what makes you feel amazing.  For some of us that’s leather, for some its lace, and for the rest of us, it’s that dress you thought you would only wear once to that wedding.  I’m happy to point you toward some ideas to channel your style and make you look and feel like your best most outrageously sexy self.


A new and fun modern beauty portrait of a stunning woman by Orlando headshot photographer
Beautiful girl standing wearing gold dress hands on hips by Orlando Photographer


Stunning woman leaning on wall in white tank top by Orlando Photographer



Beautiful contemporary portrait of a gorgeous blond woman in a red dress by Tamara Knight Photography, Orlando Photographer


Contemporary glamour sessions are exhilarating! In my experience, it usually takes most of us a few practice shots to shake the nerves out, get out of our heads and own our presence in front of the camera.  The confidence in yourself will come because you are prepared. Thanks to the Tamara Knight Style & Design Consultation included in our sessions, we have gone over your vision, wardrobe choices, and styling.  It is a long day, but make sure you have some evening plans because you will be feeling amazing, I promise!


Beauty portrait of the side profile of a woman in burgundy dress by Orlando photographer

Woman with short brown hair in white camisole by Orlando photographer




The number one influence on my work in this genre would have to be Sue Bryce, an amazing glamour photographer from New Zealand, now based in Los Angeles. She is taking the field to new heights with her education platform, and really putting the contemporary in Contemporary Glamour photography. However, let’s never forget about the trailblazers! The person commonly noted to be the “Mother of Modern Glamour Portraits” is a WOMAN by the name of Julia Margaret Cameron. She was one of the first to use natural lighting and romanticized posing in her portraits. Her work was typically commissioned to use as book illustrations for authors of her time. Another reason that many of Cameron’s portraits are significant is that they are often the only existing photograph of historical figures, becoming an invaluable resource. The same notion exists now. The images we leave behind are priceless for many reasons.


Tamara Knight Photography headshot in Orlando

Your Orlando photographer – photo by Megan DiPiero Photography

This is my current image. What image will you leave behind?


A photograph is the best present for any occasion – it is a timeless capture of an existing moment.

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