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Most people like to be captured in photographs. The young prefer to be the star of their pictures. Family men and women cannot imagine their photos without their nearest and dearest. While we are young and bristling with energy, we generate hundreds of photographs every year. However, when we cross the threshold into maturity, somehow we lose the desire to pose for a camera. The things you loved doing just a few years ago suddenly become taboo. For some reason, people believe that their wrinkles or gray hair are unsightly. Here at Tamara Knight Photography Studio, we disagree. We believe that mature beauty is worth celebrating.


Irina’s Mature Beauty Photo Session

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Originally, it wasn’t supposed to be a beauty portrait session at all. The idea was to have something like a girl’s night, just Irina and her daughters in family pictures. No husbands, no kids or grandchildren. However, life had different plans. Just a couple of days till the photo shoot, Irina’s daughters got sick. She had no choice but to come alone. And she didn’t regret it.


Sometimes, all we need is a little attention to blossom. This was exactly Irina’s case. She never worked with a professional photographer before but she looked absolutely organic and natural in front of a camera. She tried on different outfits and posed with pleasure. Irina was in her element and you can clearly see how much she enjoyed being in еру spotlight. She was really gorgeous as a photo model. These stunning photos are another proof that beauty has no age – if it comes from within, people will take notice. And we all see how mesmerizing and majestic Irina is.


Tell Your Story

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Many years lived in this world leave their imprint on people’s appearance and behavior. Young people are all blooming and energetic. They are full of hopes and endeavors to conquer this world. Their faces are fresh and glowing. They are different but, at the same time, have much in common. They are like an unwritten book in a beautiful cover, like a trailer of a cool blockbuster, a sneak peek of long-expected adventures. However, youngsters are not yet complete. Many more thrilling metamorphoses and changes await them in the future. Only when they go all the way, they will write their story.


Older people, vice versa, are walking stories. Their faces are an open book, a chronicle of a life they lived. Everything they experienced, all their worries and the moments of joy left an imprint on their look. Age brings new colors to their portrait, adds more and more details, and creates a mystery we want to solve. The wrinkles and marks on their face tell the story of how they became who they are. And this story is more enthralling than the coolest movie trailer.


No need to hide your mature beauty from others. You deserve amazing photos at any age. Prove to everyone around (and maybe even to yourself) that you still have it going on.


Show Everyone How Beautiful You Are

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For your loved ones, you are always the most wonderful person in the world, no matter how many years you left behind you. Along with that, so many other people can appreciate your beauty if you give them a chance. Today, people at the golden age become models, and that’s great. You can be one of them. It is not really about getting on a magazine’s cover though. It is rather about doing something unexpected for yourself and the ones you love. Amaze them with your audacity. Let them look at you from a new perspective. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be proud of you.


Nothing enhances self-esteem more than embracing your true beauty. A few stunning photos might help you realize how gorgeous you are. Even more, they may push you to new achievements and life-changing experiences. To dress better, be more active, be healthier – all these things are possible when you get a boost of confidence. Photography showing your mature beauty might be the first step toward your new fuller life.


Welcome to My Studio

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Photographs revealing your genuine beauty are a great gift for yourself. Tamara Knight studio is the place where your dreams of breathtaking photos come true. They do not show anything fake, only your innate grace and splendor. You might be so used to your appearance so that you overlook the nobility in your posture or refinement in your features. However, my camera notices everything. It sees you real. In only one look, you will see yourself through the light you radiate from inside.


It doesn’t matter if this is your first acquaintance with professional photography. It’s never too late to do something new in your life. I will do my best to help you relax, enjoy the process, and feel like a million bucks. In the end, making you happy is my calling. And you make me happy, too, when my photos put a smile on your face.


My photo studio is more than a room stuffed with photo equipment. This is the place where my team and I turn regular women into beauty queens. If you need a hairstyle, makeup, or advice on how to pose, we’ve got you covered. We push the envelope all the way to make sure you enjoy your experience from start to finish. Still have doubts? Don’t hesitate to make a call or drop by, and I’ll show you how cool and easy it is to be a star of your own photo shoot. And hopefully, your first time in my studio won’t be the last time.

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