Braces in Photoshoots from Orlando Photographers

Braces in Photoshoots

How to Take Good Pictures with Braces? Photos are all about capturing who we are at a certain point in our lives. Have you been searching for photoshoots from Orlando photographers? And when it comes to portraits that include children or teenagers, braces are often a part of who they are. They probably wholeheartedly hate this part, and the last thing they want is to have it in their pics. It’s completely understandable. Luckily, it’s more than possible to take good pictures with bracelets. Are you not so sure about it? Is your teen skeptical about it? Let me prove to you that a minor dental accessory is not a hindrance to excellent portraits.

What to Do if they Don’t Like Their Smiles?

If you’re a parent, you know every moment with your kids passes way too quickly… except, of course, when you’re dealing with your teenager’s angst and attitude – those moments last FOREVER! For all of those other gone-before-you-know-it moments, you want to seize as much as you can with beautiful photos.

But you hold back. Maybe you’re worried that the braces will be distracting. Or maybe your child or teenager is refusing because he or she doesn’t like their “new smile.”
If this sounds like what’s happening in your home, here are a few reminders:

Braces are Now a Fashion Statement

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Oftentimes, kids really don’t mind at all, and any hesitation is only in our own imaginations. It is who they are at this time in their lives, and they’re okay with that (AMAZING!). Actually, braces have become somewhat of a fashion statement over recent years with different color brackets and rubber bands. Kids switch them out at each orthodontist visit and even show them off in selfies shared on social media (a very different mindset from any of us who had braces twenty or thirty years ago!).

Photo Tips

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If you find that they are hesitant but not completely against it, you may want to remind them of a few pointers:

  • A natural smile is always the best smile. Those close-lipped, tight, awkward smiles don’t fool anyone!
  • They can practice in the mirror first (or with some selfies) to get comfortable with their smile.
  • They should always be confident in who they are (a good point to remember, braces or not)
  • It’s not necessary to grin in the pictures. Okay, so your son or daughter is indeed concerned about their smile? Who said that smiles are some kind of industry standard?
  • A smile isn’t obligatory to convey happiness and confidence. There are many options that don’t involve exposing teeth and the things that temporarily complement them. For instance, we can go with an image of a thinker, romantic hero, or Mr. mysterious. It’s even cooler like this.
  • Away from the camera. No, it is not about running away. It is about standing further from the lens. A few steps away, and nobody will be able to see this additional feature in your mouth. Let’s make an accent on your pose, not on your face.

The Disappearing Act

children photographer If, no matter what you say or do, your child or teenager doesn’t want their braces in the photo (and, of course, if you agree), then let’s make them disappear. That’s right. I can pull out my magic wand in post-production, and poof. They’re gone! It’s always great to have options!

A little side note to this – one time, after using my magic with a client, her daughter actually wanted to add the braces back into the photo! She said it just didn’t look like the real her and wanted them back. So, I pulled out my magic wand again, and poof, they were back! I LOVE having magical powers!

Summing up, you can have good pictures with bracelets even if nobody (but me) is able to see these bracelets. There aren’t in your portrait, but they are still in place. Some Schrödinger’s bracelets, If you will!

Good Pictures with Braces and without Hassle

family photographers in oralndoNew “clear” braces aside, braces will never be completely invisible. Kids can’t hide from them. But they also shouldn’t hide their beautiful smiles or let braces (or anything else) hold them back. It’s time to capture those moments because they’ll be gone long before the braces are.

Here, at Tamara Knight Photography, we know what to do with kids concerned about their appearance. It’s not always possible to convince them that they look fine.

But it’s possible to SHOW them that they look better than they think. They come thinking that they are ugly ducklings, and they leave knowing that they are beautiful swans. It only takes a few good pictures with bracelets to come to terms with a new look of their smile. Maybe they will eventually love it. After all, these little imperfections (or, rather, conveniences) are necessary to help us become better selves View more photoshoots from Orlando photographers.

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