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Hire Professional Baby and Child Photographer

Baby photography is a special kind of art. It is very important to hire a professional baby and child photographer. These teeny-tiny creatures are so touching and cute, they turn every photo into a little masterpiece. Each smile and funny face makes us look for a phone to snap a shot and immortalize this moment.

Pictures taken by loving parents are great but mummies and daddies are not pro photographers. They try their best but the pictures they take don’t always come out as good as they could. Besides, how do you take a photo of the whole family when a mom or dad has to get behind a camera? It’s moments like this that you realize how important it is to have a good baby and child photographer.

Who is a Baby and Child Photographer Exactly?

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A child photographer is more than a person holding a camera and telling how to pose and how to smile. Is it possible at all to get a little kid to do what adults say? Of course not! A photographer is sort of an inborn psychologist who knows how to win over even the most mischievous rascal. The ‘stick method’ isn’t the right approach with little ones. Even persuasion won’t work. But if a photographer finds the right ‘carrot’ and gets to turn a photo shoot into a game, kids will play along and enjoy themselves.

To tell the truth, finding a common language with a child is a real talent. My experience with little humans tells me that they have a hidden power to see adults through. If an adult fakes interest and tries too hard to be nice, a munchkin will figure it out in no time. Therefore, a child photographer is a person who sincerely loves their little subjects, who always finds the right words, and who knows how to make kids feel safe and relaxed.

At times, child photographers don’t even need any words to take a perfect picture. Instead, they encourage toddlers and their parents to interact and just be themselves. When they capture the right moment, the reward is a one-in-a-million shot bristling with love, tenderness, and poignant emotions. It tugs the heartstrings and brings a tear to the eye like some kind of magic. But this magic is made of care, intuition, years of experience, and love for what we do and our clients

A Friend of Parents and Kids

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In truth, a family photographer is more than a service provider, and subjects are more than clients. I consider everyone I have ever worked with to be my friends. Making new friends and having old ones in my studio is the most enjoyable part of my job.

I would like to introduce to you my dear friends-slash-clients Megan, Sal, and their adorable little daughter Caroline. I met the family when Caroline was still in her mother’s tummy. And now, three years and four photo sessions later, I got a call from them again.

Let’s go back 3 years in time when I got to work with Megan and Sal for the first time. The then parents-to-be wanted to celebrate the arrival of their first child in a special way. As a gift for themselves and their precious girl, they chose my baby plan that includes a maternity photosession, a newborn photosession, and four more photoshoots throughout the first two years of a baby’s life.

Memories of a child’s path in this world are priceless and I live to help keep them intact. We are blessed to have a gift of photography that immortalizes moments that fade away in our memory.

Just one look at these pictures and the excitement of being a parent becomes vivid even decades later. Keeping cherished memories alive is what brought Megan and Sal to me, their baby and child photographer.

The Fifth Time… and Not the Last Time


Some families keep writing the chronicle of their family life and they just get enough of pictures with their little princess. “Why not go to a photo session with Tamara for the fifth time,” they thought, and so they were back in my studio.

As always, we spent this time having fun. Most importantly, little Caroline enjoyed ‘playing’ with auntie Tamara. Who knows, maybe she can build a successful modeling career in the future? I can totally see it, the little lady doesn’t shy away from a camera. She knows me literally since day one (seriously, I took her first photos when she was only a few days old) and she trusts me, just like her parents. This trust is the key to heartwarming family photographs. The photographs are loved now and passed down through the generations.

It means the world to parents to see their children grow, make their first steps, and learn something new. Each small achievement makes parents glow with happiness. I am proud to help create an archive of the most enjoyable moments in the life of a family. Hopefully, the fifth time Megan, Sale, and Caroline visit my studio is not the last time.

So Why Do You Need a Baby and Child Photographer?

Professional Baby and Child Photographer


Because you don’t want to forget a second about how your kids grow and change. Because you want to proudly share pictures of your bundle of joy with friends and family. Because you want every photosession to be fun and easy-going for your little angel. Because you want your photos to be quality, artistic, and simply perfect. Because it is important to have a friend to rely on

Do not deny yourself the luxury of creating a family chronicle that preserves the fondest memories in minute detail. I am always at your disposal for candid photo illustrations filled with joy and love. And who knows, maybe you’ll come to a baby and child photographer but happen to find a good friend for a lifetime.

If you need help with ideas for your photosession or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call (650-218-2417). Let’s discuss what you’d like to wear, how you’d like to wear it, and where you’d like to be. Looking for a hair and make-up artist to polish the chosen looks? I had the pleasure to work with some of the greatest professionals in the beauty industry and I’ll gladly share their contacts with you. I’m looking forward to seeing you at your shoot, suited, booted, and beautiful.

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