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Family Portraits to Remember

When your kid is ready to leave for college or university, the sense of loss can be incomprehensible. However, making those last few moments memorable with family portraits can help you cope with this phase of parenthood.

The pain of being separated from your beloved son or daughter can be felt long after they have left home. In fact, some parents really take it to the heart and find it quite difficult to get over the overwhelming sense of grief.

With that said, on the flip side, seeing your child leave home to pursue higher education can be certainly regarded as a milestone! A clear and present sign that you have done your best to prepare them for the life ahead.

Still, it is completely understandable that the weight of grief can be overpowering. The sense of loss that you experience can often take you by surprise.

My nephew left for New York to study at PA School. My sister Oksana was pretty torn up about having to part with her favorite person in the world. I assured her that we’ll have memories to keep ourselves occupied and reminisce over the good times during that time. After all, he was my firstborn too, my perfect ‘first pancake’, who prepared me for the joy of my own motherhood. And the reference to the ‘first pancake’ came from a Russian proverb – ‘the first pancake always comes out lumpy. Not in this case! 🙂 Can’t be more proud of Yan’s achievements in life! Keep it up, son!

And what better way to treasure memories before your loved one goes away to college than to have quality family portraits done?

senior photography, orlando photography, orlando photograper, senior graduation photography

Family Portraits to Treasure Beautiful Memories Forever

One look at the family portraits on Pinterest, for instance, and you’ll see how picture-perfect everything looks. How happy and content everyone looks. Family portraits can go a long way to ease your senses and provide relief from the separation anxiety you feel.

It’s quite possible that you already understand the importance and timeless value of family portraits. But I can understand that the thought of it might initially make you nervous. Stressing over what outfit to wear or how to behave, or for example, sitting for hours on end while the photographer asks you to strike different poses.

It can be overwhelming and exhausting, but here at Tamara Knight Photography, I go out of my way to take all the stress and hassle out of family portraits.

I ensure that everyone is feeling awesome, relaxed, and happy before our photo session begins. I even help our clients choose the best outfits to make these moments extra special and more fun.

The Perfect Family Portrait before Your Kid Leaves


It’s important to do away with the preconceived thoughts or notions of what the perfect family portrait ought to look like. We’re bombarded with so many quality photos on a wide range of media. People flashing perfect full-toothed smiles and flaunting their perfect hair, their awesome outfits, and all that good stuff. This can all be a bit intimidating. You find yourself wondering: “Can I live up to this?” or “What if I embarrass myself in front of everyone and ruin this day for my son or daughter to remember for a lifetime?”

This is one of the key reasons so as to why we get so stressed out when we hear any talk of family portraits. Our version of a great family portrait typically means that “everything just has to look perfect no matter what”.

Is “perfect” really necessary to have a beautiful family portrait? I don’t believe so, no. The reality of it all is that simply being yourself, focusing on having fun and letting loose is the best possible thing you could do. That’s how your family portrait will turn out beautiful and almost picture-perfect.

The most gorgeous and memorable family portraits turn out when everyone feels that being themselves and having fun is ‘enough’. It’s good enough to make it memorable and something that brings tears of joy and positive memories flooding to your mind. You’ll reminisce over the good times you had during the session – long after your beloved kid has left for university.

I advise all of my clients to act in a way that comes naturally to them. If they want to be all serious, that’s fine, I don’t pressurize them. If being silly is their thing, great – I work with them accordingly.

senior photography, orlando photography, orlando photograper, senior graduation photography

I can promise you this: if you can drop someone else’s idea of what a perfect family portrait is and just be yourself. It’ll be the best family portrait experience you’ll ever have. Just check out these photos of Oksana, her boyfriend, and my adorable nephew. Look how relaxed, happy and at ease they are.

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