Photographer Client Relationships

My Secret of Long-Lasting Photographer Client Relationships

One of the greatest pleasures for me as a professional photographer is when my clients return for more. I am always happy to see new faces in my photo studio but when an old friend drops by, I know I do things right. So, with every new photo session, I make sure to walk the extra mile to meet my clients’ needs to a T and, hopefully, see them again in the future. But how do I get to maintain long-lasting photography client relationships? Understanding my models’ needs and wants is the key.

Whenever somebody enters my photo studio, they are in the focus of attention. Every once in a while, every one of us wants to feel like a star. We all deserve to be treated like royals and look like a million dollars.

Going to a photoshoot is the best way to emerge yourself in this self-indulgent experience. And, unlike the majority of other ways to pamper yourself, your memories will stay alive not only in your head but also on paper, or canvas, or metal.

So, being a photographer isn’t about making people smile and pose for the camera. It is about learning what they truly want, granting their desires, and making them happy. Yes, everything really is that simple. Sticking to this credo helped me find so many great clients over the course of my professional carrier.

My Journey as a Photographer for Ksenia and her Family

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One of the longest (and happiest!) client-photographer relationships I have is with Ksenia, a successful immigration lawyer in Orlando and a beautiful woman. Interestingly enough, unlike most of my clients whom I meet through recommendations, I met with Ksenia through the local Russian community. What started as small talk quickly evolved into continuous cooperation and friendship.

Soon after we met, Ksenia inquired about headshots for her firm, Maiorova Law Group, and it laid the foundation for many photoshoots involving herself, her family, as well as her employees. Every time she hired a new person for her thriving business, I was there to take professional headshots. I even got to be a photographer for her mother, Evgeniya, and her amazing family including her husband Rob and their daughter Zoya. What a happy and close-knit family!

Recently, Ksenia became a new mom, and I wanted to make make sure I can create newborn photography portraits for her. I was honored to meet her little baby boy when he was just 5 days old and he was such a sweetie pie. He slept through the entire photoshoot while I was taking pictures of his cherubic face. The little angel didn’t even cry and the one time he tried to, Ksenia’s mom came to the rescue and soothed him with Russian songs!

Why is it so Important to Build Long-Lasting Photography Client Relationships?

Being a witness to the special bond between the three generations of this wonderful family is priceless. In moments like these, I realize that they let me into their lives not only as a photographer but also as a friend. Ksenia trusted me to be one of a few people to meet her son in the first days of his life, and it means the world to me.

As one of the parties in this relationship, you can also savor a few benefits of having a go-to photographer. If you already know the style your photographer works in, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises as a result. You can rely on a time-tested lens person in terms of his/her creative vision and quality of pictures.

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On top of that, a professional you work with for a long time already knows your best sides and angles. Many people tend to worry that they won’t look good in their photos, and it turns photoshoots into anxious experiences. But if you have a photographer who knows you well, you don’t have to worry that something might go wrong. An artist will find the right approach, set up lighting to flatter your face and body and suggest the best poses.

But most importantly, as a photographer, you have a long-lasting relationship with a person you can trust. Just as Ksenia entrusted me to capture the first days of her baby, you, too, can share the beautiful moments of your life with a trusted photographer.

Welcome to Tamara Knight Photo Studio

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For me, being a photographer is more than a job. It’s a gift of making people happy. You can’t imagine how often I heard from my clients ‘I’m not photogenic, I don’t look good. And then, when they get their photos and they see a stunning woman or man they utter ‘Is it me? I’ve never thought I can look like that!’ Giving people genuine happiness is the reason I learned photography.

I’ll make sure you will have the widest grin on your face by the end of the session. And if something made you joyous and smiling, why not have it again and again? Positive emotions and the feeling of being gorgeous are what make long-lasting photography client relationships possible. This is what I aim for when you book a photoshoot with me.

The joy and satisfaction of your photographs become fertile soil to grow trust. When trust fuels our relationship, it results in the finest and most beloved photographs. A time-tested photographer is a confidant to whom you can entrust the secrets of your body and soul. Isn’t it great to have a person you can walk through the happiest moments of your life? This kind of trust starts with a single photo session. So why don’t you indulge yourself with a beauty shot that can mark the beginning of something bigger?

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