Business and Family Photography

The Craft of Combining Business and Family Photography

Who said that you couldn’t mix business with pleasure? In our dynamic world, combining these two things together is an extremely useful skill. When work consumes too much time, we just have to find room for things that make us happy. It can be whatever – your hobbies, get-togethers with friends, and, of course, the family. Mastering the art of juggling work and home commitments is vital for every modern person. One of the ways to do so is by combining business and family photography. If you’re thinking of visiting a photo studio to update your work portfolio, why don’t you take your ménage with you for a few joint photos?

Get Down to Business

One of the best parts of my work is that I get to meet a lot of new people. Vibrant personalities, innovators, creative minds, recognized entrepreneurs, and everything in between have already posed for my camera. Surprised, but there are people who virtuously blend all these features at once. I was fortunate to encounter one of these persons. Meet Danya Shea, who is everything but ordinary.

Co-creator of FervorWorks, growth innovator, marketing strategist, equality advocate, Chief Activator at the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership’s Blackstone Launchpad program courtesy of the UCF College of Business, and much more on top of that, it is all about Danya. She is driven to change the business landscape through empathy frameworks and high-impact collaborations. This multi-faceted personality stepped into my studio with a simple request – get a few headshots for the business aspect of her being, as well as some pictures with her family. And her heart’s desire was granted because here, at my Orlando photo parlor, your wishes come true.

I must admit that teaming up with Danya was a pure pleasure. She is one of the most experienced modeling-wise clients I’ve ever had. Danya clearly knows how to present herself in the best light. Thanks to her efforts and the spirit of cooperation, she made my work as a photographer a breeze. Poses, the expression of her face, the look of her eye – everything was flawless that day. Whatever Danya decides to use her photos for, her website, social media, or speaking engagements, they are destined to resonate with her audience.

In such a short amount of time, I got to work with this wonderful woman, I realized that she knows what she wants, she sees the way to achieve it, and she jumps at it. Apparently, this approach works with photography as well.

Family Matters

Danya’s life is not only business but also lots of pleasure. She is an avid traveler, horse enthusiast, and scotch connoisseur. And, of course, she is a loving mom. Danya’s ‘trifecta of goodness, how she calls her ménage, means the world to her. Despite her busy life, she tries to spend quality time with her kids, cats, and the Bernese Mountain pup. Therefore, even though she hit my studio primarily for business photos, she also brought her nearest and dearest for a few family shots. This woman proves that combining business and family photography is easy if you have the right plan.

So, meet Danya’s family – her older son Malachi, beautiful daughter Lyric, and their adorable Bernese doggo. Together, they create a perfect harmony bristling with love, fun, and a little bit of chaos in its best manifestation. Just like their fantastic mom, the kids (including the shaggy one) are a bundle of energy and positivity. They gladly took part in this fruitful photoshoot, spent some amusing time together, and got a few perfect family photos in the end.

The Art of Combining Business and Family Photography

My photo studio is a territory free of prejudice or hard and fast rules. If you desire to blend a few types of photography together, just go for it. Take your family, pets, and your suit of a business person with you, and get ready for a bunch of lively pictures. Whatever you have in mind, I’ll help make it real. The only thing I require is to let me know in advance what your goal are.

I love taking studio photographs as much as outdoor pics. If you have your eye on a scenic place within Orlando, we’ll turn it into a backdrop for your on-location photo session. And if you prefer to be in a predictable and comfy environment, my cozy studio lends itself well to indoor photoshoots.

“If you really want something, you’ll find a way”. I love this quote by Jim Rohn. It motivates me to get better in my undertakings and tirelessly step up my professional skills. It also helps live up to (and, hopefully, exceed) my clients’ expectations. So, if your heart desires to get artistic, fabulicious, quirky, lovely, or fun-filled photos, I am here at your service. Bring your family, besties, four-legged friends, and whoever (or whatever) you have in mind, and let’s create cool memories together.

Tamara Knight
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