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Professional Headshots

Why Professional Headshots are so Important?


What is the best way to win clients, especially when it comes to the Internet environment? The right answer is a proper representation of your business. You’ve surely worked hard to create a memorable logo, write a good slogan, build a nice website or social media account, and deliver valuable information to your prospects. Why should you use a different approach with professional headshots? After all, they contribute to a lasting positive impression of your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners miss out on an opportunity to update their shots. Even worse, they don’t have any pictures to put a human face on their company. When potential clients don’t know with whom they are going to deal, they might want to go somewhere else. In today’s world, imagery displaying professionalism and trustworthiness are a must.


Put Your Best Face Forward

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You’ve probably heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, when it comes to the interaction between prospects and businesses, people do scrutinize the cover. They spend a second to look at your pictures and that’s enough for them to decide whether they like what they see or not. In psychology, this phenomenon is called ‘think slicing’. You have only one chance to make the right first impression, so it’s vital that your pictures convey rectitude, character, and expertness.


It goes without saying that a sloppy look in your pictures won’t gain you an army of clients. But even meticulously chosen outfits don’t guarantee a positive impression. That’s because people notice a bunch of other stuff – your pose, eyes, smile or the lack of thereof, etc. The way you carry yourself in the pictures may give them a lot of food for thought.


“Why is he keeping his arms closed? Does he have something to hide?”

“Why is she staring at me like that? That’s creepy.”


If such thoughts start occurring in their heads, you are going to lose.


Most of the time, we fail to notice if something is wrong with our pictures. If we see ourselves pretty, others should see us in the same way, right? Unfortunately, things don’t always work like that. That’s why it is important to have a second opinion. It’s even better if this opinion comes from a professional. A photographer whose job is literally to look at people and capture their best moments knows it all about good and bad pictures. While selfies and amateur photographs are a kind of hit-and-miss situation, professional headshots are a hit at all times. As a business person, you can’t deny that it’s worth investing in looking your best if it helps attract the target audience.

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Add a Face to Your Brand


Now that most businesses operate online, it may seem like a personal touch has gone. Emails, messages, and phone calls don’t give us only a vague idea of the person on the other side. At best, we know their name and voice but that’s it. But it’s hard to trust a stranger.


For clients, it is important to associate a business with a specific person, and, thankfully, more and more executives realize that. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see employee and leadership profiles on company websites. This is Jen, she is a sales rep, it is her voice you will hear on the phone. And this is Alex, he is a marketer, it is he who gave you the best price.

Adding professional headshots to a website requires little effort but it is a great way to establish a connection between your team and the people it serves. Moreover, it shortens the distance from the first impression to the first interaction.

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Once you decided to personify your brand, make sure to update pictures every once in a while. A photo taken ten years ago won’t do because, well, people change. Imagine that you finally meet your phone conversation partner and they look nothing like their picture. The result is shock and disconnection. But it’s easy to avoid unpleasant surprises if you keep your headshots up-to-date.


Headshots For Job Seekers


It may seem that professional headshots are designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs. In reality, they are critical to everyone who is involved in business relations, including you. If you have ever written your CV, you know that it should provide a photograph. It may seem unimportant because your skills and experience should speak for yourself. However, when your CV reaches a recruiter, the very first thing he or she will notice is your picture. If it doesn’t convey an expert with a capital E, nobody is going to read further.

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Let me tell you a short story about a job seeker and his CV. A friend of a friend was looking for a job in the field of renewable energy sources. He had a picture of him standing in the sunflower field, his face was clearly seen, and he believed it was a nice pick to say that he is a part of an eco-friendly industry. So he sent out his CV and got himself ready for a flurry of calls. But instead of a flurry, he got a drizzle, at best. After a few weeks of standstill, he decided to update his CV. He replaced his sunflower field picture with a professional headshot and viola, he got noticed.


Headshots aren’t almighty. They can’t guarantee that employers vie to hire you. However, they will definitely help you stand out. If this improves your chances to get the job of your dreams, you need to seize it.


Let Yourself Be Creative


Headshots don’t have to be formal or cold. You can add as much personality to your pictures as you wish as long as they fulfill the mission of representing you or your brand. A fashion designer in vibrant outfits will look pretty organic. Animal shelter staff with their little charges will touch the right chord. A model or actress wearing dramatic make-up will fit the bill. Until your headshots send the right message and attract the right audience, they can display a great deal of creativity.

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Apart from corporate websites, you will need headshots for social media. Today, customers tend to go straight to social media to check a business out and it means you cannot leave your profile empty. Here is a tip for you: use different headshots for different accounts. Make sure your Linkedin headshots scream professionalism. Instagram known for its young and nonchalant audience will look best with more relaxed images. Pick something positive for Facebook because you can never go wrong with that.

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Professional Headshots in Orlando

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Looking for professional headshots to grow your business, enhance your online presence, or build a career? I would love to have a hand in your success. I’ve worked with dozens of business professionals and seeing them thriving after our session couldn’t make me happier. Getting quality photographs that convey your personality and professional qualities is easier than you think. One call today can turn your life around tomorrow.

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