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Visual appeal is a critical aspect of any business. It is a basis to build trust and rapport with your clients. One of the ways to win over customers is to show them real people behind the corporate façade, the people they are going to work with. Putting a human face on a corporate entity is the shortest path to enhancing your appeal in the eyes of the target audience. For this reason, something as simple as a company branding session becomes a powerful tool. Without further ado, let me explain how we handle corporate photoshoots at Tamara Knight’s photo studio.


Many think that company shoots are nothing fancy and they don’t require a pre-session consultation. Well, this is not exactly so. The truth is that they are not as straightforward as it may seem. Proper preparation is half the battle to achieve the desired result. A session is successful only when your photographs match the corporate image and convey the right message.

During the consultation, I want to know what message you want to send to clients, your needs, the people who will represent your business, etc. Your goals and ideas will affect your employees’ looks, wardrobes, and poses.

One of the things you would surely want to achieve is unison among all the subjects. Even if they dress along with the corporate dress code, this does not mean that their appearance is going to be just right. You probably don’t want them to be too matchy, but a certain degree of matching is welcome. Just imagine that your employees are wearing gray suits but somebody decides to flaunt a red outfit. Will this somebody stand out? Of course. But is it something you really want? Probably not. Therefore, it is critical to discuss wardrobe, coordinating colors, and style. Hair and makeup are important as well. We will assist in booking the best hair and makeup artists to help your staff look prim and proper.

Company Branding Session for Your Business

Corporate clients often wonder if they need a company branding session. My answer is ‘yes’ if your business serves people. It doesn’t matter if your company large or small. An employee photoshoot will make the best impression on your existing and potential customers.  Don’t miss your chance to become closer to your audience by introducing your people.

Today, many companies do photoshoots as part of their PR tactics, so how can you set yourself apart? Well, it all depends on the approach you go with. My vision is that business photography shouldn’t be stiff and fettered. On the contrary, since your goal is to humanize your business, your photos ought to be just like humans – lively, dynamic, and individualistic. On top of that, they should be professional.

If this way of handling business photo sessions sounds appealing to you, then I am waiting for you and your team at my photo studio. Or we can do vice versa – I can visit you at your office to capture your staff in their normal setting. Or you can choose any location that matches your walk of life.

Professional photos are much more than close-ups and line-ups. You can try something more creative such as casual candid business photography, event photography, and even individual employee portraits. Whatever your ideas for the future photo session are, I will gladly help bring them to life.

Editing and Post-Production Services for Corporate Clients

So you had a company branding session, received your photographs, posted them everywhere and it’s all done. But what if you welcomed a new member to your team or vice versa, someone decided to leave? Does it mean that you will have to do it all again? Well, if your work schedule permits, then why not repeat this experience? However, I realize that the life of a successful business is pretty eventful. Therefore, it may be inconvenient to assemble your team again. Luckily, I know how to keep your corporate photos relevant without arranging a new shooting for the entire company.

What I offer is to carefully remove, add, or replace a person from a picture – nobody will ever notice that it was edited. Instead of re-taking a photograph of the entire team, I will only need shots of new members. If you value time- and money solutions, these post-production services are perfect for you.

Corporate Photography by Tamara Knight

The corporate world is subject to strict written and unwritten rules. This goes for company branding sessions, too. Most businesses prefer traditional group portraits oozing professionalism and a sense of entrepreneurship. They are crisp, straightforward, stylish … in other words, classic. While I strive to retain all the benefits of the classic approach, I love adding a little something that makes a difference. Anything can be this something – different lighting, group dynamic, posing, etc. With every team, I try to notice their distinctive features and interactions between people to bring out the best in them photography-wise. The result is contemporary and polished photos that say ‘we are good at what we do and you can count on us’.

Whether you decide to stick to the traditional approach or would like to try something more creative, let me guide you through business photography. From pre-session consultation to post-processing, I make sure that your professional pictures look their best as befits a thriving business.

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