Dress for Photoshoot in Orlando

How to Dress for Photoshoot in Orlando?

Who Needs a Cape? Dress for a Photoshoot to Impress

Does any of this sound familiar? “I don’t know what to wear!” “I have NOTHING to wear!” “Those jeans make me look heavy, that dress makes me feel ugly, that sweater is the wrong color …” Unfortunately, for photographers, it sounds very familiar. But it truly doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to change the dialogue around our clothes and, even more so, how we see ourselves in them. You can always count on my advice on how to dress for a photo shoot during our consultation. Let me give you my two cents worth on this matter.

What’s Your Superpower?

Like a superhero’s cape, our clothes, while worn on the outside, empower us to shine even brighter from the inside (no camera flash needed). Also, like a superhero, we each have our own unique power. So, I ask, “What is yours?”

Are you most powerful when you are casual? Sexy? When are you being silly? How about when you are elegant? Or professional?

Consider the clothes you wear when you feel most powerful (and keep in mind it can be in many different outfits and styles – I hope it is!). Those are the outfits that help elevate your inner strength. They are also the outfits you should wear in your photoshoot. Allow yourself the space to try some different looks (between 3 and 5) – inside your comfort zone and out.

Dress for Photoshoot in Orlando

Let’s Chat

I hear it all the time. “I can’t have my picture taken … I don’t know what to wear!” And over and over again, I respond, “That’s great! You don’t have to know.”
This is one reason my packages always start with a consultation. And, in a lot of ways, why I like it even better if you don’t know how to dress for a photo shoot. It means we can start our chat on a clean slate.

During our pow-wow, we talk about location, hair, makeup, and, of course, clothes. But we always start with the vision you have for your photos. Sometimes, it’s known. Great! Sometimes, it’s not. That’s great too because we find it together.

Once the vision is there, it’s time to decide on clothes. Just consider me your wardrobe fairy godmother sprinkling pixie dust throughout your closet! We pick out the right colors and outfits. Are we going dark and luxurious or light and crisp? Are we doing a little of both? After all, why choose if we don’t have to?

We do this all two to three weeks before any photos are taken. So, you have plenty of time to plan, go through your closet, try clothes on, or even shop if you feel so inclined.

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Dress to Impress … Yourself!

Clothes, like the people they dress, carry different vibes. Variety is, after all, what makes the world so beautiful. It is also why we shouldn’t believe the label – there simply is no “one size fits all.” For one woman, it may be a ball gown and stilettos, and for another, it may be jeans, a sweater, and boots. And both are BEAUTIFUL!

There is no doubt that confidence, spirit, beauty, and personality all come from within. But it’s also no secret that the right outfit can make them shine. Clothes should emphasize YOUR individuality, not change it. I don’t want you to try to be someone else (unless we’re going total fantasy escape vision!). But I do encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone a bit to discover another version of YOU that is just as powerful.

Ultimately, the styles and outfits you choose for your photoshoot should reflect who you are and how you feel. They should fit well, emphasize what you want, and de-emphasize what you don’t. Often, they will be found somewhere in between “not enough” and “too much.”

When the day comes, you will be ready to capture your beauty, confidence, and power for years to come. Just remember –
Be Bold … or Be Simple. Be Vibrantly Colorful … or Be Black, Gray, and White. Whatever you want to be … just be YOU!

Finding Your Best Dress for a Photoshoot

When it comes to clothes, you have a wealth of choices. This means a plentitude of possibilities to express your individuality. Along with that, an abundance of choice creates an embarrassment of riches. You may get an idea of how to dress for a photoshoot, but you must pick between a good dress and one more good dress. So which one? This is what I suggest.

Put option one on, and complete your look with shoes/accessories/makeup. Do you like your reflection? Now do the same with option two. Compare what you feel about each look. Do you have a winner after this? Great! Oh wait, did you say ‘no’? Then why choose at all?

Take both your outfits to a photoshoot because the more, the merrier.
And the last thing. Remember, it is not clothes that make you beautiful. It is you who make these outfits look grand. So, don’t forget to take your good mood and smile to a photo shoot because they are the best thing you can wear.

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